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Depo Provera and Pregnancy

Is it possible to get pregnant after one depo provera injection. My boyfriend and I do not use any other method of protection and he does not pulll out  because we have been together for a while and the risk of STD's is not there. I missed my period 3 weeks ago and im a bit worried. I am normally very regular.I know Depo can stop periods all together but when i used to recieve depo years ago i still had a period :/ Im currently spotting and crampy. The spotting is VERY light

Im worried and i do not want to keep getting depo(next month i get another injection) if im pregnant.
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Not to scare you, but I was on the Depo Shot when I got preg. with my first son. SO you might want to take a test just to make sure.
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haha you didn't scare me but i am worried. it is just not normal for me to miss my period im very regular. even when i was on the shot before i still had a normal period for the first few years

if im pregnant is the baby going to be hurt?
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Well..there was nothing wrong with my son. I was due for the shot like the month after I figured it out. I just started taking my vitamins. I never really asked if it could hurt the baby. I was so shocked i was pregnant in the first place.
I was like you, I had a normal period, then I noticed that I hadn't had one in a month and didn't think much about it, but then pregnancy signs started showing up.
Take a test and see.
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i just started a normal period it seems but i have NEVER been late ever with a period.
this one was 3 weeks late before it started..

should i still take a test??
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I am on th depo and have not had a period for probably going on 2 years.I dont have protected sex either, all I count on is the shot. Im worried because everyone keeps telling me not having a period is not good for you at all, wich concerns me also because I want to get pregnant in the near future.maybee I should stop the shot
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Hi, I was just wondering if you'd be willing to answer something? I got the depo.a little over 2 weeks ago and haven't had a period yet this month. Is it possible for your period to stop after the first shot? I've never been on this before. I just had a baby 4 months ago so I'm freakingvout.
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