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I tried Depo provera once and the second tome i was suppose to get the shot I decided not to. If you dont get the shot again after the fist time using it can you get pregnant right away if you having unprotected sex?
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yes. My doctor had suggested me to have the shots after i had my baby.But on searching about it'i came to know that it can be administered only for two years i.e.6 shots can be taken..More over it could lead to osteoporosis in the long term as the hormone absorbs the ca of bones leading to frequent fractures in advanced stages of life.On extensive research i found that IUDs are the best option left to be used as contraceptives.I got a cu 250 multi load inserted on 28 of may this year & there has been a little spotting.a few days back i had pain during intercourse but it was ok after pain killer.you can give it a try as i feel it is the only method that requires little concern.
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If in the future you want to conceive I suggest you find another form of birth control.  After I had my first son, I opted for Depo and I only had 3 doses of it, a total of 9 months.  I stopped because my period stopped completely and I started gaining weight.  Soon after my husband and I tried to have another baby and it took us 2 years to conceive.  And I have heard of cases of women that has taken longer for them to get pregnant after getting the shot.  So my advice is to find another method.  It seems that Mirena is the most effective.
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