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Depo effects on early pregnancy

I recently decided to resume use of depo for 6-12 months. After discussion with the DR at the VA clinic and PAP, etc. I went to the lab for HCG pregnancy test. I had to await the lab results before the injection was administered, of course. They called me back for the injection and I went on my way. Several hours later the DR called to inform me that my pregnancy test was positive! Somehow, no one had checked the lab results! I normally double check these things myself- I have worked in health care- but, I was in such a hurry to get my daughter from school.... VA clinics take so long... I am upset with myself for being lax and not asking to see the results, but even more LIVID with them for the mistake! I feel that there is not any accountability. She told me that there should be no adverse effects on the pregnancy/ baby and that they have seen this several times! So, there must be no accountability! Anyway, my concerns are of course for the baby. I should be about 12 days post conception now. I have a hard time believing that there are no risks to my baby. If this were the case, then why the blood test. For other forms of BC I have had urine tests, which are not as accurate. So, why the extra precaution for depo if there are no risks?

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Many times dating is a big issue, as well as making sure the mother knows if she is pg or not.  And of course if possible they would like to prevent giving BC when pg. But depo works to trick your body into feeling it is pg by the high dose of synthetic progesterone which suppresses ovulation (which pg does anyway) and thickens cervical mucus (which pg does as well).

It does not appear that there are any significant problems with having a shot and then finding out you are pregnant. But I would suggest making sure your OB gets you on the registry for the makers of depo just in case. Just about every medication has one to track any issues that may occur as a result of using the medication in pregnancy.

Good luck.
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Here is a number to call for more information, it is staffed by RN's 24/7 and is sponsored by the makers of Depo-Provera, they should also have information on a registry:

1-866-554-DEPO (3376)
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