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Depo shot nightmare!!!

After my m/c in Jan. I was shattered (I still am....) As I couldn't take it happening again so soon, I got the depo shot. I had my m/c Jan. 12 and got the depo shot on Jan. 19..I've been bleeding ever since. It's been 6 weeks of bleeding.  I had my blood count checked and it's border line, so the doc. doesn't want to do anything 'yet' about it. My blood pressure is low and seems to keep droping.  The doc. is monitoring me every 2 weeks.

Not to mention that after I got the shot I started researching the shot and they say it can take up to a year or over a year to get your fertility back. I'm so angry that I even got the shot especially because I thought that I would like to try and conceive again in a few months.  The doc. said that the shot will be out of my system in like 6 weeks for now, but now I'm so concerned that the 'getting pregnant' issue will take a long time maybe even years....because of this shot.

Does anyone have any similar situations or can shed a ray of hope that fertility can come back soon after the last shot....

Thanks ladies...and I'm so very happy for those of you that are pregnant now and I pray for those of you that are trying...
Be well
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emra, I am sorry I can't tell an experience with depo and fertility, but I was on depo for a long time several years ago.  I took it for over 2 years, and when I stopped to lose weight, I didn't get a period until I was given b/c pills 6 months later.  I only took them one month to get my cycle back, but the depo shot really screwed me up.  It is a steriod and caused me to gain ALOT of weight.  I was a police officer and the weight gain was very unwelcome.  I was running 5 to 6 days a week and watching what I ate and still gained weight.  When I stopped I developed cysts on my ovaries which messed my cycles up.  Again I had to take b/c pills to get rid of them, only for them to come back.  I was not sexually active during this time.  Now, my DH and I want to have a child and I am afraid depo may have ruined my chances (or could be a contributing factor), I still have the cysts.  I don't know and can't prove all of this is due to the shot, but I wanted to share my experience with you.  Good luck, and I hope you are feeling better soon.  Depo can cause some women to bleed a lot, so maybe things will calm down when it wears off.
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I had a similar experience with the Depo-shot.  After my oldest daughter was born the bleeding wouldn't stop so my family doctor told me that it would stop it.  I was 17 at that time, and my parents gave consent, and we went through with it.  However, it didn't stop the bleeding.  In fact by the time the 3rd month came around it still hadn't stopped.  I bled for 4 months straight without relief.  The doctor never did a pregnancy test, he never did a pelvic exam, nothing.

When I went to an actual OBGYN they said I had an infection and they couldn't tell me what happened.  However that doctor suspected the first did not remove all the placenta after my daughter was born, or I was pregnant when I got the shot the first time and since the doctor didn't do a test, it caused a miscarriage with complications.  It was a stressful time, and afterwards I was told I might have too much scarring (I had to have a D&C to stop the bleeding) I more than likely would never be able to have another child.  (I have a beautiful 2nd daughter now, and after 3 miscarriages, I am pregnant again 14 weeks 5 days).

Hang in there, and if your doctor hasn't done a pelvic, find a new one.
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Hi! I had my first baby in January of 2006 and I got the depo provera shot 2 days after she was born. It lasted for 3 months, and then I had to get another one... But I decided not to because after I had the baby I gained 50 pounds in 3 months because of the shot. So I went on the pills... 3 months after I stopped the Depo, I was pregnant again! So in my case it didn't take long to conceive after getting the stupid thing. I hope everything works out for you, and you get what your wishing for!!!!!
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i was on it for a little over 2yrs. and had a "period" for a year straight. then didnt have one for a while, so then i stopped taking the shot and had a "period" type of thing for another year. it was pure hell. and then it took almost 2 years to get prego. (just to have 3 mc in 1&1/2yrs.)(then found out i had blood clotting dissorder)
and once that was found out now i am 32w6d pregnant, i have to get the projestron (sp?) shot everyweek. but besides that the baby&i am fine.

****GOOD LUCK*****
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The Depo shot is pure poison. Evilness. I know people who have had babies on it and their kids have problems. FOUR years ago I got one shot one time and I gained 30 pounds in 30 days. One week after I was injected I started lactating. I have never been pregnant, even to this day without using contraception I still can not. I have been making breast milk for 4 years now from one shot. I have had MRI’s, test after test, specialist after specialist and no one can make the lactation stop. At first they weren’t sure that’s what it was, but tests confirm that it is. I don’t have a tumor on my brain as the MRI’s revealed. The Depo shot is to blame 100%.  If you are on it, STOP and take daily calcium, if you are not on it DO NOT GET IT!
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I took the shot several times with no real problems. I worked out a lot, So I gained more muscle than fat. I am trying to conceive but I am having irregular periods. I have only been off of the shot for three months. My bleeding is light and has been going on for about 9 days just tapering off today. Who knows, every womans body is different. Pregnancy is a science and a miracle. Damn that EVE :~)
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November 2000 I took my last Depo shot. I got pregnant in August 2001.  and I agree with hollandbc that the Depo shot is poison. I bled all month long while I was on the shot. Had to wear tampons and or pads everyday.
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sorry you are having a bad experience with the shot, like you I got the shot after a miscarriage and soon regretted it, I also had continuous bleeding for many months. After a year of trying from the shot, we got pregnant again but miscarried again. We didn't go back on anything after that time and tried straight away for another baby and nothing happened for a year so we started having checks and it was found I wasn't ovulating so I got put on Clomid and we conceived after 3 months and now I am 31 weeks pregnant, so please don't give up hope and if you have not conceived in a year you should be able to get some fertility treatment like Clomid to start off with, that should be enough to get you going again. I hope it all works out for you xx. I will never have depo ever again and have spoken to online and offline so many people who hate it, they just dont tell you enough about it when you are given it.
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i agree with you that the depo makes you put on weight i have had to come off the depo to try and get the weight off i have put on nearly 4st since my daughter was born i thought it might have been what i was eating so i cut my food down to smaller portions but i kept gaining weight i finally realised it must b the depo now that i have came off depo i have lost 8lbs in 1 week i will never go back on the depo.
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273397 tn?1190578240
if anyone can tell me how to get weight off after coming off the depo injection could you please lewave me message
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I had bleeding the entire 2 months. My dr talked me into taking a 2nd bc most people stop and may never have a period while on it then. Well, I continued and it settled down approx. 6 months later. It seemed like forever, though. I went on to concieve my dd 1 1/2 yrs later. (I wasn't ttc at that time, just got blessed and am thankful everyday!)
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