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I have heard a lot about negative aspects of the Depo provera shot! Has anyone had a good experience?? One doc says I can have it, and another says No, so I am just wondering your opinions!!! Thanks!
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The only thing i can say is that it made me gain a whole bunch of weight. I did start a newer shot about two years ago that once monthly, and no side affects. cant remember the name tho.
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I had a horrible experience with Depo, I absolutely refuse to ever do it again.  I'll use barrier methods from here on out, messing with hormones just seems to have a bad effect.
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My sil had a wonderful experienc, while mine was bad. She didn't have a period the whole time she was on it. I bled almost the whole time. Good luck to you with your decison.
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You know me.... always have something to say! :)

My friend Chrystal's the only person I know who did the shot. She gained 20 pounds in a few months and bled for the entire time she was on the shot. Not my cup of tea, but maybe it sounds fun to you! :) j/k lol

Besides, why you worried about birth control. I told you that you just should get pregnant again! :)

I'll shut up and go to sleep now!
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Well, being pregnant might not seem so scary if I was not scared to death my incision is going to BURST open, even after waiting 18 months to two years!!! So, not really wanting to risk it 3 months after:P But thanks for the encouragement! I will leave the pregnancy to you;)
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No thanks! :) lol Not for at least a year!
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Only a year?  lol I disbelieve!

Anyhow yeah I bled forever after depo in 1993... then needed a D&C because of it.... I'd rather be prego.

Oh and c-section wait is 6-12 months heh.
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I did depo a long time ago I bleed the entire time (after I had my daughter) didn't gain any weight but if it wasn't for the bleeding I think I would be wiling to try again.
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I absolutely loved depo shots. I was on them for several years. They were so easy and convenient. I didn't get a period or any other pms symptoms (yeah!). I didn't add a single pound either. Some hormones do increase appetite, which in turn can make you think it's caused you to gain weight. Plus, per the info. from the company, when I finally went off the shots, my period returned w/in 6 mos. and I was pregnant by month 8. It was the easiest, most effective birth control I had been on. I had that damn breakthru bleeding w/ all the other pills. I'd try it!
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I too loved the depo shot.  I was on it for almost 7 years and I didn't bleed one day of that time nor did I gain any weight.  
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i loved it. i didn't have to remember a pill or stop in the middle and loose the mood... it made me spot for the first month or so than by period completely went away... i think it depends on your hormones... every woman is different so unless you try it you'll never know... but it does take time for it to set in your body... like i said i spotted but it went away
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Wow I only did it for 2 shot cycles in '93 and I bled the entire time!  I was totally miserable during it, and when I got upset or anything I would just bleed worse!
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