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Diapers leaking overnight....Help!

My son just turned a year and wears a size 5 diaper. I use the Pampers Baby Dry and have always loved them. Now, I have noticed that every morning, without fail for the last 2 weeks, he wakes up soaked. I have to change his sheets and clothes every single morning. He sleeps about 12 hours straight before I go in and wake him to change him only because he is soaked. Why does this keep happening? I remember when he was a few weeks old it would happen, but he was in between diaper sizes and they just didn't fit so well, but it only happened a few times. Now it is EVERY night without fail. Do you think the next size diaper would work? I just fear they will be too big. Anyother brands out there that may work better? Or any tricks? I'm just exhausted before getting out of bed knowing I have to change to him completely, clean him up and then do laundry right after. Any advice is appreciated!!
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Maybe size 5 is too big for him. I just switched Reilly to size 4 (same brand as yours) and I'm having problems too. I think I might go back to size 3. I wanna add that my son is on the larger side too. How much does Jeremiah weigh?  Reilly is 14 mos and over 26-27lbs.
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My boy is quite a little pee-er too, and what works for him are the Huggies Overnites. If we forget and put a regular diaper on him for night---he leaks. But the Overnites rarely do---only if he has had WAY too much to drink close to bedtime.
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Mommy2Reilly....he is totally out of size 4...they barely velcro around his chunky thighs anymore! LOL Plus they left marks as well around his legs. The 5's seem like a good fit though...and he is in the weight range for them. Reilly is a big boy too! Jeremiah weighs 28-29 pounds now (I think... I haven't weighed him in a couple of weeks) and is pretty tall for not even 13 months yet. I'm just at a loss right now.

Jenny...I think I may try the Huggies overnights..I've never liked Huggies but maybe the overnights will do the trick. I am going to go out tomorrow and try them. I am desperate!! =)  

Thanks girls!!
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My son regularly wears Pampers Cruisers in the daytime (because they hug the legs better) and Pampers Baby Dry in one size larger at night (because, although they are stiffer and not as flexible, they absorb more water).  What amazes me about your story is that my son is 2 years 4 months, and he wears size 5 in the day and size 6 at night.  You must have a big boy!  Anyway, I do go up one size for him at night and that works OK, though in your son's case maybe the leg holes could be a little large.  There are also "diaper doublers" on the market that are essentially like a Kotex without the leakproof bottom (i.e. they are absorbent on both sides), and you put those into the diaper and they absorb some of the liquid.  I also have used size 5 "Huggies Nighttime" and they absorb about as much as a size 6 Pampers Baby Dry.

The thing that makes the most difference is when I don't load him down with liquid right before bed.  Ideally I'll give him 4 ounces of milk before bed (which is really enough to keep him from being hungry in the night), then brush his teeth, then either that is it or I'll just give him only 4 ounces of water in bed as he settles down.  If I let him have, say, 8 ounces of milk before toothbrushing and 8 ounces of water, then it will definitely mean I'd better be up in the middle of the night changing his diaper or else.  He pees least and yet sleeps well on days when he has eaten a little more solid food in the evenings and therefore is not looking to the milk to fill him up before bed.

Good luck!
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Thank you for that info AnnieBrooke! Yes, I do have a big boy! Nearly 30 pounds at not even 13 months. Although he has been maintaining his weight for a few months now, mainly because he just started walking more. Gotta burn that baby fat! =)
I think I am going to try the next size up and also buy some overnights and see which one works better. I have cut back his milk at night from 8oz to 4-6oz. But he is still soaked just the same. I am trying to get him the point where he doesn't even need milk at night, but do you think it's too early yet for him?
Some nights he is fine without it, but others he still wants it. We usually eat at 6pm every night and he goes to bed by 7-7:30pm. And wakes up by 7am soaked. I actually think it's leaking from the top of his diaper somehow...I've even pulled the diaper more toward the front but it still comes out, fastened them tighter, nothing works. Maybe it's a sign he's too big for them? I will go out later today and get size 6 and overnights and see which works better.
Thanks for the advice ladies!!
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Oh yeah, I use Pampers but every night put the chunker in Huggies overnights. I even would need to go one size up in the overnights to hold all the pee. This should solve your problem!! Good luck, isn't it a pain ;)
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I think there are other night-time diapers on the market, too, though I was pleased enough with Huggies (in the overnight version, not regular Huggies which I found to be leaky) that I never tried the others.  I haven't tried using the going-up-one-size-over-daytime strategy with the Huggies overnight ones, but I'll bet it would give good results, since going up one size definitely helped with Pampers.  If the leaking is at the waist, it does sound like you might take that as an indicator to go up a size.

I still will change my son's diaper once in the night, unless we're all just too tired and everyone sleeps through the point of changing.  On the days when we don't do it, I notice that there is a real difference (less of a problem) if it is one of those times when he drank less before sleeping.  But it sounds like you're not giving your son too much.  I always took consistent leaking as a sign to try the next size.
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I used pampers with Colten, and had the same thing happen a couple of months ago-  I switched to huggies, and haven't had a problem since...  ??  Maybe he just started to drink less at night too, but I am sticking with the huggies now....  that was frustrating-  good luck!
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I start giving my son less liquid at least 4 hours before bedtime. I give him just enough to swallow with his dinner, then a couple more ounces about an hour before he goes to bed. This has helped me a great deal. During the day, he has PLENTY of fluids to keep him going while he is energetic. At night, we start slowing down anyway, and he needs less fluids.

I also use Huggies Overnights and they're GREAT. My son is in a size 5, too, and they seem to fit him well (but all kids are different). I also use the overnights if we're going on a long road trip  or I know we're going to be in a place where it may not be easy to change his diaper immediately. It takes the worry out of whether or not he may leak any at minute.

I love Huggies Supremes, too. I think they work well at night, but my hubby has been getting the Overnite ones for a while, so they became habit.

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I am not a big fan of Huggies for daytime but the Huggies Overnites are the best. Avery wears a size 5 diaper during the day and a size 6 Huggies Overnites for bed. I think Jeremiah would probably wear a size 6 in the Overnites if he weighs 29 lbs. Avery weighs about 32 lbs. and she wears the size 6. I would give them a try! :) Good luck!
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I had the same problem once my dd got bigger.  Huggies Overnights are the best and I haven't had a leaky diaper overnight since!!
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Thank you so much ladies!! I keep hear huggies overnights are the best...I hope they work! I'm sure they will be pricey...but for nighttime it will be worth it. I won't have to do as much laundry everyday! haha
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Have you tried the Goodnight diapers?  My DS was soaking his diapers every night as well and we tried these and haven't had a problem since.  Good luck!
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Haven't heard of those baboo...I will check them out as well. Thanks!! =)
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