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Did I test too early?

Im having an xray done next week and there is a chance I may be pregnant.  I had a blood test done today at the Dr.'s and it came out negative, but I am only 5 dpo, did I test too early, is this a reliable test result?  Should I retest and if so when should i retest with a urine test.  I dont want to take another test too early!
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5dpo is too early to detect. Implantation doenst normally occur until 7-10 dpo.
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When I was in fact pregnant with twins, I had a blood test at 13 dpo and it came out negative.  It can take that long for the embryo to implant and then the hCG to build up to a high enough level to detect.  If the xray is not in the reproductive region, just tell them there is a chance you might be pregnant and they will probably drape you with one of those lead aprons.
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Be very vocal about your possible pregnancy with your docs and the x-ray tech.  With proper info they can drape you well if you are not having any pelvic, lumber or low therasic areas x-rayed.  But if there is any possibility to put it off untill you know for sure I would (and did myself).  I was in a similar predicament but they caught my pregnancy with a blood test at 2-3 weeks and we (me and doc) decided that the diagnosis could wait because it was fairly obvious that the injuries were not unstable fractures.  Remember that your babe is the most vulnerable to damage in the very being especially to radiation.  But I did have my neck done and there was little to absolutely no risk.
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