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Did someone steal my DD's SSN?

I just got mail for my 11 month old in the mail. This is the second time it has happened. The first was a CATALOGE for clothing for plus-sized women. And today COLLEGE INFORMATION! Does that mean someone stole her identity? I haven't gotten bills or anything like that. But I'm freaking out! Why would a college send my baby material? And what do I do? Do I call the police and notify them?
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You could call the store the catalog came from and the college and find out how they got the name.  She might be on a mailing list if you have ever signed up for things like some stores that have kids club programs.  Or if you ever got things like coupons for formula, etc.  Some of those companies have you give your childs name, and then later sell the list to other companies.  For your own peace of mind, you could run a credit check on her ssn to make sure there is no line of credit opened or anything like that.  
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This has happened to me too!  I got a subscription for a magazine!  I called them and told them my baby does not want a gardening magazine!  Ugh...such a hassle...I never thought about the kids club sign ups!  So annoying!
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my son is 15 and we keep getting things for credit cards!!! we never sign for anything on the internet.i have no clue how this is happening either!!
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Can you go to one of the credit bureau sites and run your baby's SS# to check and make sure there isn't some activity going on?  I think its free...do a google, it might be something like annualcreditreport dot com or something similar.

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OKay, thanks! I will try to do what you suggested peekawho! I'm trying to figure out who has my baby's name and the only thing I can think of is Gerber (I have life insurance for my kids there) and I don't think they'd give my baby's name to colleges and such. I feel a little better to know that it probably isn't an identity theft thing, but I'm still going to double check!

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