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Do you or your partner know Infant or Child CPR?

I'm curious about this, because I feel that many people don't take a course when they become parents.  

So..do you or your partner know infant or child CPR?
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We were trained when our kids were born.  But that was 12 and 8 yrs ago.   I don't know that I would remember how to do it now.  
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I have a vague idea but not from tv.  I was trained in it years ago.  But we were discussing this just the other day.  We want to take a course and actually have looked up prices.  There is a course at the Y for only $65 per person.  So we have decided to take it after the holidays.  It is so important to know it.  Especially for my fear of Jayden choking on food, since he shoves everything in his mouth all at once.
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My husband and I are both EMT's for over 18 years each.  We both have cpr and have actually had to use it in the field..  Its very important to stay up to date and refresh your skills.
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Yes, John and I both know it. Taking it annually is necessary as often as they seem to change the recommendations!

Mami-I have had 2 of my 3 boys choke on something enough to require the pediatrich Heimlich. Jonathan was 3 years old and choked on Kix cereal, not something I ever expected. And aside from the penny incident with CJ when he was 9 mos old, he also choked recently on a fruit roll-up he ripped out of his brother's hand and shoved in his mouth quicker than a person could blink. It formed the perfect choking mechanism, rounded, soft, and sticky. It was awful.
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I took CPR many years ago...over 20 years ago...I really need to update it.  I used it on my father when he passed away...I did keep him going until the ambulance arrived, but it still didn't help..but at least I know that I gave my dad a chance....
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That is one of the first classes my husband and I have signed up for when the time comes.  It is something important every parent should know.
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A job requirement that I had to have a few years ago and loved it so we do it every two years now and my 10 yr old son just took a course with his Cub Scout troop. Not that I would ever put that on him to do.. but it is great that he knows how to do it too. He asked to be trained in Infant CPR too because they weren't training them in it. Now he shows us all the time what to do.....lol
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See Andi, exactly my fear.  It can happen so fast.  The few times Jayden choked I was able to think quickly and shove my finger into his mouth and pull out the food.  Another time he actually choked but threw it up.  My fiance was completely useless, just panicked.  Which I found odd because he seemed like he would be quick to respond and in a calmly matter.  He just froze.  So I think we both need it.

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Mike and I (along with my parents, his parents, and our siblings) were all trained in Infant CPR. It was a condition of his release from the hospital that no one watched our son that was not trained in CPR...so we all took a class at the hospital. I have since been trained in CPR and First Aid through a job I had....and my mom is a respitory therapist and an EMT and lives about 50 yards from me, so in a major emergency I could get to her so she could help with CPR or whatever I needed.
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i have no choice to be trained in CPR and first aid every 3 years i believe...maybe it is every 2 years. They did however change it to what it was when i first took it...to when i renewed in february this year. it is much more simple and easy. A parent should never attempt CPR on their own child however depending what the situation, I would probably get someone near...landlord etc to do it and coach them or worse came to worse do it myself with 911 on the line because i would be freaking out. could you imagine?

Whne I took the course, the instructor told us a woman gave her hubby CPR for about 6 hours until she fainted and he died:( how sad is that...
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when someone is choking unless you can see particle it is not reccommended to a blind sweep as you can lodge something down even further, I teach CPR.. however, many years ago when my 10 year old DD had a febrile seizure (of course at the time I didnt know what was wrong) all I knew is that she stopped breathing, my ex husband now, took over, she was burning up and had a temp of 106 when paramedics arrived, she had been sick and the rapid temp rise caused the seizure, my whole point is I froze. I was panic stricken I hope now being 10 years older I could react if one of my girls needed it.    
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I was trained a year ago when my daughter passed out (6 months old) and I had to call 911.  Her lips were blue but she never stopped breathing.  Although I was trained the next time the same thing happened I called 911 and ran out of my house screaming for help.  The mailman helped her.  I was useless.

Again, she did not stop breathing but she was turning blue - labored breathing they called it.
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mami...back in 05 when i took my cpr, it was okay to use your finger to get the item...now it's a big no no...they say to do the child on arm legs and arms on both side and using your palm and the best word i can come up is RAM lol like hitting..

i do wonder however in general if cpr is the same for every agency who gives out the course.. i remember back in 05 it was like 3 chest compressions to 1 breath for a baby and 5-1 for a child and adult. but the pressure was different. now its all 10-1 breath because the chest compressions have saved lives they say...i dont know
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I was just certified in CPR last month. We were taught to give 2 breaths, 30 compressions, 2 breaths, 30 compressions....and so on.
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I'm with Andi....I've had to use it on both my children....Very scary if you don't know it.
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i wonder when never used but trained, how much you actually remember in a situation!  i have been trained for years when i was a dental asst, dh actually taught it in the navy.  

im always amazed at how many people tell want to smack you on the back when you are choking!
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Thanks for the heads up ladies.  See I was certified back in 2000 or so and it was ok to do that.  See, what a great post, you learn new things all the time.
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My husband and I both have to know it for work.  He's an emt and I'm an emergency dispatcher.
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Everyone with an infant or child should know CPR.  It is often offered very expensively through the Red Cross, or most local hospitals have some sort of course offered.  Some community colleges do, too.  
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I'm a Registered Nurse, and even though I don't work in the hospital anymore, I still keep my CPR updated.  I am also planning on having DH go to class when the times comes.  I agree with Peek.  Everyone with an infant or child should know CPR.
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I was certified for CPR when I was in high school, so 5 years ago. I think I remember pretty much of it but I need to go and get re certified to refresh my memory.
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Gosh, yes I did it 4 1/2 years ago but could certainly do with a refresher, thanks for this peek!
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its cheaper to upgrade versus take the whole course again plus it's less time. it took me a day instead of 2 for renewing my cpr/first aid. Also for renewing it cost me 65$ however to take the course it was 105$..back in 05 it had only cost me 75$...go figure huh
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