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Does anyone have any information about mild CP

I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck and
also came out of my mother breech.  Does anyone have any information as to how
this person would be as an adult?  Sometimes I feel as though I might have mild
Cerebral Palsy...if that is possible?  I do have a spastic colon, allergies, low WBC - poor
immune system, spasticities in the eyes (at times), my nose runs constantly if I don't use
a steam inhaler or go to a steam room.  My eyes water a lot.  I have been told I walk with a
slight limp and sometimes, I don't know why...I feel as though before I was born, I might have
suffered a slight stroke.  I am not a hyperchondriac because if I were, I would really go into
great detail as to how I feel.  Sometimes I believe when I was younger, I was autistic.  Even
to this day, at the age of 55, I feel ill , in certain social situations.  I would like to feel stronger
both mentally and physically and I would also like to feel (if possible) more connected with myself
and others (but I don't , and never have.)
So anyone who knows any information about this (slight CP, born breech, and with the umbilical cord
wrapped around ones neck), it sure would be appreciated.

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dormguard,  there does seem to be a persistent connection between CP and autism.  I think it could well be that you have both mild autism (disconnectedness,  social discomfort) and difficulty with a slight limp,  and that both of those things are caused by the same situation - breech,  and/or cord wrapped around your neck.  That seems possible.

Have you tried googling "cerebral palsy autism"?   There's a lot of information out there.  

I will say, it seems to me unlikely that you would have any way of knowing that you suffered a slight stroke before birth.  

Is this kind of a passing thought and you're just recently trying to get information at the age of 55,  or have you spent a lifetime focusing on these symptoms?    The reason I ask is because it does sound like you might have mild hypochondria,  to me.  Mild.  

Best wishes in seeking answers.  I wish you well.
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Thanks for your help.  I do appreciate it.  Didn't know anything out there about a connection between CP and autism.  I grew up thinking I was normal, even though during my childhood (as a lot of children) I was sick ...although, I did have a lot of social problems
and would feel sick even having to go to a restaurant with my mother, father, brother, and sister.  I remember one time, my mother had to stay home with me, while the rest of the family went.  Sometimes, looking back on it now, it was like my brain wasn't functioning...who knows.  Anyway, at the age of 30 my mother and father told me I went through birth trauma...so that explained a lot to me.  Believe me, I have apologized to my parents for being the way I was when I was a child, but I couldn't help it.  I am better, and when I was 30 did not look into this "birth trauma" at all and just figured I had problems.  
So when I was 50, (I'm a lilttle slow at times) I read something about people with characteristics having gone through birth trauma, and it reminded me of me.  I try definitely to be "normal" and definitely want to feel that way...have always wanted to feel "normal" , but at times it is difficult.  If I didn't have to be in the working world....I would be stronger both mentally and physically (I guess as almost anyone would be stronger if they didn't have to be out there in the working world).  So perhaps I could be labeled as being a bit hypochondriac but it is important for me to feel better, especially when I know that I can do something about the way I am at times, and maybe enjoy my life a little bit better and deal
with what life hands me.  I know , everyone has problems.  If I'm stronger, I can be a better person and help more people.
Thanks again for your help!  I am going to look into the connections between CP and autism.
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sorry I spelled your name wrong....I hit the "s" button twice....didn't meant to do that.
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I don't have any info, sounds like you got some great info above though.  I can say my oldest son was breech till the end & ame out with the cord around his neck 3 times- he is perfectly healthy & a very advanced, also a social bug.  I hope you find the answers you need though.  Good luck.
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I am glad to hear that about your son.  Thank you for telling me this.   Growing up, I was definitely not a "social bug" and am really not one now; but each to their own.
I just question at times my birth because from 16 years of age II am in the working world and since I started I have had a spastic colon (of course intermittently it happens....but pretty much always there if I don't watch what I eat) that wont get better.  So if I feel pressure, it happens; combined with eating the wrong food, then the spasticity gets bad.  I am thankful I am alive and well, believe me.
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