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Doppler Rental and Boob Job

I thought the second part of this subject might get everyone's attention!

First of all, has anybody rented a doppler?  If so, where?  How early can you hear the hb?  I'm really interested in this.  I need all the peace of mind I can get with my m/c history. (currently 7w4d after 10m/cs in a row)

Secondly, I don't know if you guys remember from the last time I was on the board during my ectopic a few months ago, but I went ahead with the boob job!  My DD really did her number on them.  I didn't know an A cup could sag so much or that they could be so lopsided!  Anyway, I am SOOO glad I did it.  I just got Bs.  They look great, and the proceedure wasn't painful at all.  Now I'm not embarrased to be naked in front of my DH.    

If anyone is considering it and wants to ask questions, bring them on.  I'm open.

Thanks to all for the support today, btw.
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I just wanted to say that I think it is so awesome that you did that for yourself, but didn't go overboard and make yourself look like an exotic dancer.  Very inspiring to hear of someone being reasonable about plastic surgery.  By the way, I am so sorry for all the miscarriages you have had.  I will pray for you that this one is the one you have been waiting for and that you are able to sustain this pregnancy with a healthy baby at the end.  Good luck!
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I'm thinking about getting a lift after I nurse this child-my fifth. He is the first one I nursed though, but they were already starting to sag. Anyone have any info on a breast lift?? Oh, and good for you for doing something for yourself. I know it makes a difference in the bedroom when you don't feel confident about your body. Psychologically it's so worth it!!
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I bought a doppler, for $115 at Andi's recommendation.  It was really useful, and even has a digital readout.  Worked out to be much cheaper than renting, and I can use it for a subsequent pregnancy if I want.  

If you're interested in going that route, here's the link:

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Good for you! I'm glad someone can be so open about being able to be comfortable again!
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http://babybeat.com/fetal-dopplers.html This is where I rented mine from. I want to have my second before I get a boob job. I've alway had a complex about them.  Glad to know someone who got them and were happy with them:)
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Hehe, I must say your Subject really cracked me up! lol  Good for you! After I have this one (3rd and last), I would love to get a lift and a tummy tuck!
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Thanks ladies.

jenshim - I actually had a lift too!  That's how bad they were.  Lifted and stuffed.  Let me know if you have specific questions.  There will be a small light scar from the nipple down, but hardly noticable.  They look so great, I don't care. Just a lift is a lot less expensive, too.  I think about $4K - $5K here in CA.

AnnieBrooke - Thanks.  I guess I could buy one, then sell it to someone at a discount on this board!

Van73 - I think a tummy tuck might be next for me, but I don't want to end up like the swan!

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