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Dr Said Gaining Too Much Weight

I am 25w4d.  I have gained 22 pounds.  My Doctor never mentioned to me how much weight I should gain or how I was doing.  I had an appointment last night and just decided to ask how my weight was doing.  He said that I was gaining too much.  My prepregnancy weight was 110 (by the way I'm 5'7") and from what I've read since I was underweight to begin with I should gain 40 - 50 pounds.  But my doctor said that I should only gain 35 pounds.  He never mentioned this.  So now he wants me to walk 1-2 miles a day, 5 days a week - if not 7 days a week.  

Has anyone else been told that they've gained too much?!?!?
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You know what at 25 weeks I had gained 26pounds and dr said nothing to me.  I am 5'5 and started out at 137.  I ended up at 190 - 51pounds.  I have lost 30 so far and Ryan is 6weeks old.  Like you said you are underweight.  Some drs just will tell a woman that she is gaining to much weight and some won't.  BTW I walked everyday for 30-40 min and still gained a lot of weight.  If it bothers you that much change drs. that is what I did.  Don't walk if you don't want to and if it hurts don't do it.
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Every doc is differant, and I think your weight gain sound just fine.
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The March of Dimes website has a good chart of average weight gain during pregnancy, by week.  I'd look it up.  It sounds to me like your doctor is being a jerk.
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you do sound like you were under weight.  i was 115lbs and 5'4".  I think I looked pretty smoking!!!  I think that your weight gain doesnt sound bad.  If you are eating healthy and walk some anyway, trust yourself to tell you when you are hungry.  I gained 45lbs but lost it all but 5lbs.  The 5lbs is weight I am keeping on to get prego again.  My dr said I was too skinny at 115 and I am 3 inches shorter than you.  Just be healthy.  :)
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How Rude! At 5'7 I started out at 146 and tipped the scales at 193 at one point. I think I delivered at 186 but NEVER did my Dr. make a single comment about weight. I think you probably look Amazing!!
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When I was pregnant with both of my kids, I gained 40 lbs each!  I started out at 110 and am 5'3.  The doctor never told me that I gained too much.  With this pregnancy I think I've gained a couple of lbs, but I'll find out today.
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At 25wks I think I had gained 26lbs. Every doctor is different. But I wouldn't worry about the weight gain. It WILL come off.
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My SIL is 5'8" and normally weighs 115. She gained 75 pounds with both her boys, and really didn't eat all that much for a pregnant woman. She took off all 75 pounds within a few months of delivery with both of them and had 2 very healthy 8 lb. babies. There are obviously goal weights, and for the mother's health, and concerns about gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, and the physical ability to carry a lot of extra weight because of the stress on joints and muscles, doctors usually advise a person to only gain a certain amount, but I've found with pregnancy it's quite difficult to control - I spent my whole first trimester losing weight. If you're otherwise a healthy person and you're keeping an eye on your blood pressure and not having other complications, I wouldn't worry too much.
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thats so odd that your doctor would actually tell you your gaining too much weight, im 26 weeks and have gained 23 lbs (im 5'1, regularly 105, now 128) and my doctor says my weight gain is great,

with my daughter i gained 60 + pounds and my doctor still didnt say anything about it, 35-40 lbs is pure estimate, i lost ALL 60 lbs within 2 months after dd was born, so for me 60 lbs was obviously ok, even for my body size, seening as i lost all the weight so quickly

i know WIC likes to tell me ive either gained too much or too little every time i go in for an appointment, but im going to believe my dr on this one,

your weight gain is fine, thats all you need is more to worry about......
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I am 27 weeks I have gained 20lb, I was 6 stone 10 in October, got to 7 stone 6 when I got pregnant with clomid and now I am 8 stone 11.
I have always needed to put weight on so it is good in a way but I hope I can get my toned tum back!
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Your weight sounds fine. Is your dr older? A while ago, they didn't want women gaining that much weight in pregnancy, maybe if your dr is older, he's stuck on that.
Plus I think it's weird he never brought it up until you asked. I wouldn't worry about it. My mom gained 80+ punds with me and her dr threatened to put her in the hospital at 7 months if she didn't stop eating/gaining weight. But 80 pounds by 7 months is extreme.
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That's not too much.  Oh I wouldn't even listen to him.....walk 2 miles every day?  Is he nuts?  I am 31 weeks now and have gained 19 lbs......I was overweight by 20lbs to begin with, so I'm purposely being a bit more careful at the gain...but you should not be worrying.....you are probably a few pounds too many according to how they want you to gain, but nothing to actually worry about....just be careful on what you are consuming and lay low on junk foods......

But don't listen that extreme to the doctor......sure walking wouldn't hurt any of us....but I don' t even have it in me to walk that much and forget about ALL thru the week.....I'm lucky if I get up from the couch for G sake.

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