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Dr didnt give enough info on meds! :(

OK so in feb 2006 i had a miscarriage and then again in april 2007, me and my husband have been ttc since about July 07 with no progress, then in september i missed my period and thought for sure i was pregnant. took a test about 2 weeks later came back BFN, i was very disappointed, but then in Oct i missed my period again took a test... BFN. so I went to the dr and he said it was stress and gave me some pills to get my period started then he said it would help me get pregnant. these pills are Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg. So i started taking them when he told me to, i got my period so me and my husband started ttc again...well about 4 dpo i started spotting, and a few days later i was getting sick and feeling light headed all the time and just wanted to lay down. I thought maybe i was pregnant and was getting early symptoms. well i wanted to google the meds that the dr gave me just to see what they do and how they work. as im doing this research I find out that it has been proven that these meds cause birth defects in the babys genitals when taken and it is recommended that a dr not proscribe this medication! I have been taking these pills for a month! I called my dr and was almost crying asking him why he didnt tell me htis could happen, he said that alot of drs proscribe this for women who are having problems getting pregnant. Then he said and i quote " isnt is better to have a baby with a defect that can be easly fixed then not having a baby at all, since you cant have babys on your own i thought you would be happy"!! I couldnt believe that. I dont know what to do know, I dont want my baby to have a defect!I want to have a perfect healthy baby. my last period was on november 12 and I have about a 30 day cycle. has anyone else taken this med?
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Have you thought about switching doctors?? WHen your ttc, you need someone you can trust and trust that they will give you the best care. Also a doctor needs to be up front about everything! I would find a new doc. Good luck....As for taking the meds, I am unsure about it because I have never taken it, but someone here should be able to help you out...
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