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Dr said my baby may have chromosone problems

I wrote last week about the Dr thinking that my baby I"m now 17 weeks has chromosome problems due to all the problems the Dr seen in the ultrasound including
Nose 1 nostril
cardiac position "heart is displaced to the right"
left & right kidney
bladder is grossly enlarged
and clubbing of the hands and feet.
I had an amnio done and the results came back yesterday that my "baby boy" has FULL TRISOMY 18 and it is very deadly most cases the child does not live till birth only 1% live to a year old My husband and I are devistated I Dont know what to do the Dr said the best thing is to terminate the pregnancy because the bladder clearly visible on ultrasound has a blockage and is retaining so much fluid it is crushing the babies lungs and heart and she said there is a very slim chance i will make it until 23 weeks I am totally against abortion but I feel my baby is suffering so much and the thought of having to go through labor to see my baby and know the pain he has been in the last 17 weeks will destroy me even more please can some one guide me what is the right thing to do
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Oh honey i an so sorry to hear this. I read your post last week and was praying for you. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. I believe your heart will tell you the right thing to do.
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Mandi, all anyone can say is that we're praying for you,  or for those who aren't religious,  we're really hoping for the best for you.

Hopefully,  this is the most difficult thing you'll ever have to deal with in your life.  Prayers for wisdom and grace - any decision you make is understandable.  
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Prayers from Michigan too!  Whatever choice you make we'll pray for you and your son.
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Prayers are coming from my way.....we are all here for you. Do what you feel is right in your heart.
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I am so very sorry.  Hopefully, you will find the strength and grace to do what is necessary, and to remain strong in the future as you deal with this.

Many, many hugs,

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I am so sorry to hear that!  It would be a tough decision to terminate because somewhere in the back of your mind you think...what if, however knowing the baby could be suffering and there is a slim chance for survival puts a different light on it!  I cant imagine the pain you are going through.  I would do what you feel comfortable doing.  I would talk to your husband and come up with the decision together, so you both are supportive on that decision.  You will need each to lean on during this time!  I wish you peace and comfort!  
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That is the MOST terrible news and I am soo sorry for you. Do what is best for you and your baby with the help of your Dr.'s guidance. It is going to be a hard road ahead and you have all of our prayers.
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Peek talked about strength and boy did that resinate with me.  wow......i was in your position last may at 21 weeks and it is so horrible.  I am truly sorry.  reading your story brought it all back.  i to did not want to go thru birth either only to watch my lil BB die.  My lil ones bladder stopped growing and working properly at 15 weeks and had a list of other problems.  I was so wrapped up in the life i was carrying i almost forgot that dh was going thru this too.  I started opening up and talking to him and my family more which kept us strong and together thru it all.  I can only say that after my loss i did go on and now we have a healthy lil boy. I will keep you in my prayers and if you ever want to talk pls do contact me.  


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