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Dressing your baby...

So I feel like an absolute idiot even asking this, but I am begining to wonder if I dress Ryder warmly enough.  At night he is typically in his sleeper only as both his and my bedroom have south facing windows.  So even in cooler weather, it tends to be hot as it's usually quite sunny out.  It its a really warm day as we have had the last week or so, I have him in pants (sort of sweat pant material usually), a long sleeved shirt, socks and I bring along a sweater or sweatshirt for him, although he rarely seems to need it.  I also always have a warm blanket with me just in case.  But I will be strolling along on our walk, he is not wrapped in this blanket or sweater, and I see other moms with their babies wrapped up like we are in the Arctic or something - warm hats, fleece liners in their strollers, etc. The public health nurse told me that one extra layer from what I have on is perfect, and I check him to make sure he's not to cold or warm, but I am seriously beginning to wonder if I am doing something wrong here.  He seems happy, he doesn't complain...to the contrary, he seems quite comfortable and happy.  Am I missing something?  I know, I worry about stupid things sometimes.
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If he's happy and not complaining, I doubt he's too cold.  Generally, the rule of thumb for dressing a baby can be either one more layer than what you're wearing or the same as what you're wearing.  But, it is definitely better to dress your baby so he may be a little chilly rather than a little toasty.  Every baby has a different personal comfort zone for warmth - some experimentation may be needed.  But, honestly, it sounds like he's fine with what you're dressing him in.  Ignore the other moms - new parents are often a bit overprotective when it comes to temperature and think the baby needs to be dressed for a day in the snow when it's 60.  But babies can overheat easily and their bodies are not equipped well to deal with overheating - yet they can handle being a little cool very well.
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Like the above poster said, typically you would add one more layer to whatever you are comfortable in.  The sleeper at night is just fine.  You can tell if he's not warm enough by feeling his hands and feet.  If they are warm then he is fine.  Unless they feel like little popsicles he shoudl be good to go. You're doing just fine!!
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I say your doing just fine.  In the winter we made sure our son was dressed warm, and in the summer we still put him in sleepers till he was at least 1.  In the summer, there's time's he just runs around in his diaper!
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Put your fingers down the back of his neck.  Is it warm?  Feel his hands.  Are they cool but not icy?  That is right where you want him to be.  If his hands are hot, he's probably too hot.
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I would be more worried about over dressing him because one of the ways to help prevent SIDS is to keep your infant from being overheated.
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