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Drooling, Not Swallowing??? Any ideas???

Hey ladies, I was just wondering if anyone had an experience with a child that drools. Ashtyn has drooled NONE STOP since he was 2 months old....he soaks through bibs, clothes, EVERYTHING. Well, we have been watching him very closesly and it appears that he NEVER swallows when his mouth gets full of drool, he just lets it seep out his lips. Well, I gave him a lick of a sucker today...it was a flat one, and he really liked it, and was actually licking it....(I only gave him a few licks nothing that was going to hurt) but he let all of it drool out of his mouth and all over his clothes. He does swallow when he eats but that is the only time. The rest of the time, he drools EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME!!!!! Did anyone else have a kid that never swallowed unless they were eating???? Also, he has started doing a single tongue roll where he rotates his tongue to where it is vertical and not horizontal. His therapists told me to make sure U of M knows about this, and that they have no explaination as to why he does it!!!
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He is probably discovering his tongue.  AJ is doing different things with his tongue right now.  As for the drool.  I read that some kids just do that.  He could have extra drool right now if he is teething.  Also with teething, the ears can hurt, which will make it hurt to swallow.  Obviously, I would mention it to the appropriate therapist, but it does have several explainations that are common.  I would start looking for some swollen gums.  
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I have a picture of me at 1 year old with my tongue the exact same way. All of my boys have done the same thing as well.

Also, you may be surprised about how much saliva he actually swallows. Once their salivary glands start functioning (at about 2 mos) it takes them a while to figure out that that can swallow all of that stuff. Most moms assume that drooling that early means teeth, not usually : ) Anyway, he is probably just learning to coordinate the ability to swallow all of it. CJ is almost 17 mos and still drools from time to time, especially if he is teething. He falls asleep and leaves a little puddle.

Have you checked around in his mouth to see if he has swollen gums? Also, kids who have sore throats will avoid swallowing their saliva, heck I do that : )
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I have a drooler too! Jameson is 6 months, and drools A LOT!! He started at 4 months. I have had to buy several more bibs because we go through four or five a day.I hate that you can never see his cute shirts because I have to cover them up with a drooler bib!! Lol

Some say it's teeth, but I don't think that's always so. My second DD was a drooler too--and both she and Jameson had (have) cute chubby cheeks, and had (have) their mouth open a lot, thus the drool would pour forth.

I think they grow out of it with time--they learn to swallow it.

And just so you know, I give my baby licks of suckers too--don't feel bad. I know what you mean--sometimes on here it's scary cuz you think youre gonna get attacked for things like that. But we know what feels okay and what doesn't. WE are their mamas. Heck, I let Jameson eat a whole dum-dum sucker the other day. He was being fussy and I HAD to have 20 minutes of time to get ready to go somewhere. (He was right by me and I watched him closely of course) Watch me get attacked now.....ha ha lol
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HOW COULD YOU GIVE YOUR 6 MONTH OLD A SUCKER.....lol...jk! It felt like the right thing to say :-) lol! Anyway, Ashtyn's doc looked at him and said he is not teething yet, but when i go this wednesday I am going to just ask her what she thinks. Ashtyn is such a mystery right now, I can't wait to hear what U of M has to say!!!! The countdown has begun....17 days!!!!
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Wow is all I can say...
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Lol you crack me up!! Ashtyn sure is a little cutie! Hope things go well for him!
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