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Due Date Accuracy

Good morning ladies, I had my 20 week u/s on Monday (ITS A BOY!!!) and I thought I was 19w5d and by the u/s the tech said that the measurements were 20w4d she also said the doctor might change my due date from Sept 1st to Aug 24 but he didnt change it. I am positive about the 1st day of my last AF because we were ttc and I was also using OPK. I am just wondering if I should go by what the ultra sound said so I would be 22 weeks tomorrow or if I should go by what the doctor said which would mean I am 20 weeks. Also I counted the weeks from my last AF and 40 weeks would be Aug 30th. Thanks for any advice. Baby dust to everyone ttc and sticky baby dust to everyone thats pg.
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When my sister was pg they changed her due date several times, even up to her last month of pregnancy.  I'm only 7 weeks and have had my due date changed 3 times.  Due dates change depending on the development of your child.
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Since your doctor didnt change your due date stick with the 19weeks 5 days.  It will just confuse you if you try and adjust it yourself.

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congrats on your baby boy!!!  we just found out yesterday we are having a boy as well and i thought i was 19 wks 2days and they said i was 19wks 5days.  she said that is pretty close and that you can expect to be 10 days difference on or off but she said they will prolly change my due date to sept 2nd now and it was the 5th!!!  best wishes for a healthy and happy baby!!!
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I think your doctor might have forgotten to change your due date.  Maybe you can call the office and remains the doctor or nurse of your new ultrasound finding.  Sometimes the doctor knows but have to wait for the u/s report to make the change.  Also, even though you may have counted your due date as much earlier, the u/s may be what you want to go with.  I think it's frustrating because pregnancy is such a wait and losing a few days may seem so long.  Perhaps your first u/s was dated a bit too late and now they are getting more accurate.  Just keep in mind that the due date is just an estimate.  Only 5% of the women give birth on the predicted due date.  I know of women that gave birth 2 months beforehand.
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Congrats to you too!! Did you see the doctor after you u/s? I really was hoping my doctor would change mine but he said he rarley changes due dates unless with are a few weeks different. Do you remember how much the baby weighed when you had your u/s? I was shocked that mine already weighed 13oz.
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I dont think he forgot because he said flat out the he rarely changes due dates. The u/s now is the most accurate as far as due dates and measurments right?
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