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Due date?

Okay all. Here is a question. For those of you who got pregnant right after miscarriage and never had AF return before getting pregnant again, how did you calculate your due date? They are telling me they will use my miscarriage date of 11/16, but I know I ovulated very soon after the miscarriage. Sooner than I would have if it would have been my period. I know this because I used OPK. It is only a difference of a few days, but still...when you're counting days like I do, each day is exciting and hopeful. I asked for US and they won't do it! It makes me so frustrated!! I feel like if I want one, even for peace of mind, I will have to make something up, which I know lots of women do. I wish they would be more understanding. They said I MIGHT get one done by the doctor at my first doctor appointment, which isn't until 1/26 which seems like a long time to wait! I guess I don't even really know what my question is, other than how did they date your pregnancy after miscarriage if you got pregnant before AF returned? My BhCG levels were quite high for where they said I should be. I think I am about a week farther along than they say. It's frustrating!
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I had this problem too.  I had to wait for my first ultrasound to calculate the due date.  The measurements of the embryo gave me a due date of Aug 1.  

I think if your Dr. uses the date of your m/c then your dates could be off a bit.  If my Dr. used that method then my due date would be in early July which is not correct.
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I was told by the doctor I saw after my MC that it's the reason they don't like you to get pregnant before AF returns because it creates dating problems. Anyhow, I don't see why they can't do a quick US, even vaginal to figure it out. The waiting is awful.
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If you know the day you ovulated, then you subtract 7 days and then add 9 months for the due date.
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I know the day, give or take a day or two before that. I used 11/28 and just typed it into a pregnancy calendar. It gives me the date of 8/21/07, so that is the date I'm using. But my BhCG was kind of high going by that date. Maybe twins! Who knows...
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Yayy,Twins! My DD is Aug.17(ish).
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Trust your dates! Add 2 weeks to the day you think you got pregnant (as if that was your last AF) and that is how far you are. That is how I did it and it turned out to be spot on. Apparently, they cannot be accurate with the dates so early even if they do an u/s, I didn't have a dating scan until I was 10 weeks and although my midwife thought I had conceived 2 weeks after the mc I knew it had been 3 weeks after and I was right!
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