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Ear Infections and Adenoids

My 5 year old has had tubes placed in his ears twice and had his adenoids removed with the second pair of tubes.  His tubes have now fallen out and he is still fighting off an ear infection (very painful - tylenol with codiene is not relieving the pain).  I thought the adenoid removal would put an end to the ear infections, but it has not.  Is it unheard of to put a 3rd set off tubes in?  What else can be done? Please help with possibilities.  I will check with the ENT, but I like to be well educated, since 3 of my 4 kids have had tubes.
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We have struggled with ear problems with our son too, he is 3 1/2.  His are directly related to how much dairy he is eating.

Even though his milk allergy is so slight they don't consider him to be allergic, it causes him to get ear infections.

I know this since, when he eats only soy cheese, milk, mac and cheese, etc....he doesn't have any ear infections.

When we relax on the milk thing and let him eat regular pizza, mac and cheese, yogurt, etc....he starts getting them again and nothing works....they don't go away until we take all the dairy away.

Also, have you brought your child to a nutritionist or Chiropractor?  That also helped a lot with our son and now that he has stated getting them again....we are starting the chiropractor again for him.  
I would just make sure you find one that knows a lot about ear infections and children!!!!

I hope this helps.
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my son is now 4 with the second pair of tubes and with the 2nd pair he got his adenoids out i hope when they fall out this time he will get btt but i was the same way as a kid
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