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Early Pregnancy Signs

This may sound strange, but then again NOTHING is strange on these boards.

I have been exhibiting some of the early symptoms of pregnancy that I had during my tww with my son (dizziness, boobs a little tender...but not much, and lower abdominal cramping for starters).
I know that our minds play tricks on us, though, so I'm not jumping to conclusions just yet that I'm preggers again.

However, this is the weird thing...

My right boob has still been releasing milk (when I test to see if I can express it). I stopped breastfeeding when my son was four months old (sometime during August of last year). It's not watery, but sorta thick, like it's drying up. The left boob never releases ANYTHING, even though the right boob does. I don't test every day, but at least once or twice a week to see if it has dried up yet. The left boob NEVER has anything, and believe me I have tried to get something out of it! LOL

Well, last night I tested my right boob again, and decided to test the left (not sure why I insist on doing this...but I guess I'm just weird). Anyway, it actually released the thick milk this time! Is that not the strangest thing?? I can't help but wonder if this means my boobs are preparing for another pregnancy. I broke down and did an hpt today, but of course it was BFN because I'm only 9 dpo. Has anyone else ever encountered this before? Anyone who had recently had a baby and practically "dried up" and then became pregnant again and the milk leaked again?
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I had some bad headaches during the week, but not every day. Maybe three times in the past week.
I AM very fatigued, but then again, I've been feeling like that on and off since my ds was born. The past two days have been rather bad though. I'm about to go to bed any second.

What is prolactin imbalance? I'll have to look that one up when I get the chance.
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Sounds like a prolactin imbalance to me.  Do you have other symptoms - headache,  exhaustion?
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