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Early Symptoms

I am currently in tww. (LMP 8/18) I would like to think of myself as 2w6d pregnant. However, it is too early to test. I really have no clue when I ovulated because I only had 1 day (9/4/2006) of EWCM. Very small amount. Yesterday I had headache, abdominal cramps with a stretching feeling, and was extremely tired! I don't so much feel that way today, maybe a small headache. What do yall think? I know that I should just wait 1 more week and test, but you know us tww'ers grasp at every "pregnancy feeling." Does anyone remember how they felt during the week before expected af?

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I used to be just like you! I would be on the internet hoping I could find out anything and Pee on a stick constantly too early! I have had 2 m/c's since then and decided to take a break and not think about TTC anymore for now! Well, this month I relized I haven't had a period and I was feeling dizzy, nausea, and tired more. I took a test 2 weeks ago and I preggers again. Just try and relax and hopefully it will happen for you! I mean we weren't even trying, I had no clue what cycle day I was on, it was great! Just Breathe and wish real hard....but wait a little longer to test! Good Luck and I'll send some babydust your way*******************
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I am apart of the tww. fertility friend said not to test until the 18 we. my o wasnt really pin pointed really so who know. i bd on all the wrong days. i want to test i actually did 5dpo so i think bfn like i was suppose to get bfp after only five days i talked my self into it thinking well maybe i o-d earlier than what i thought. hehehe;>  so im just waiting. i have af like symptoms but they went away. i had fluttering feeling a few days ago and that was it. and im not 20w prego so who knows. i have been tired but i also started to run again to clear my head. its funny how i try to think well this is a prego sign but in reality its the same is af why did she have to be so cruel. couldnt she have a different sign before she shows her ugly face... it would be nice when the little swimmers it the egg and a sign says hey we are in have a great nine months
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I had my last af on 8/16.  I think I Oed last Friday.  I am tired too.  I am going to wait till the 18th to test.  I don't want any false postives.
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Ugh - I'm the same way! I imagine every little thing MUST be a pg symptom - but unfortunately that and af symptoms go hand in hand. AF is almost done with her monthly visit (very light for once, so at least thats one good thing) but I still have a few crazy symptoms and keep thinking - hey, maybe it's still possible since I actually had a lite af with my first two (that ended in m/c). So I am successfully driving myself crazy trying to make myself think that there may still be a chance for me this month, even when I KNOW there's not. Welcome to the crazy world of ttc...  :o)  I hope you get a BFP this month and it's not just your mind playing tricks on you!!! :) Good Luck!
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haha i think it should be how to drive your self crazy... instead of ttc =)
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Funny- Our LMP was exactly the same day so...... We can keep our fingers crossed together. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything to worry about though. I haven't felt anything different than normal. Actually, I have felt way better than usual but that is because of these vitamins I have been taking. I wish you tons of luck though. I will keep you in my prayers.
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The only thing I noticed in the 2WW was tiredness and breast tenderness.  Morning sickness didn't start until after I had missed my period.  I feel your pain because I am in the 2WW as of yesterday.  The doctor confirmed ovulation via ultrasound.  I started using preseed because I found that clomid dries up my CM.  Good luck to both of us!!!
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I am also in the tww.  I am on cd 18.  I hate always thinking baout whether or not I am pregnant and if one little symptom could be it or not.  So I have told myself not to think about it until it is time to test or i miss a period.  I hope you get your BFP along with all of us in the tww.  We need some more babies stories.  Good luck.  I hope to post my BFP in 10 days!  We'll see though!
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The only symptoms I had were my boobs hurt on the sides by my armpits and I was hungry every three hours!!  I got a positive 4 days before my missed period - if you go to twoweekwait.com  it isa pretty cool site.
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I have been going through the same feelings my lmp was on the 8/13 and I think I O'd on the 28th I stop all the note taking and tracking cuse for 2 years I have been trying ttc I had given up but that day i decided to check my cm and it was ewcm we ended up bding that day and that was the only day that month (poker addiction lucky month won everytime!) it has been about 11dpo three days ago my breast were in so much pain everytime my boss called to his office I had to walk extra slow so they wouldn't move around too much then I threw up that day to but I have also been really sick then again on the 7th I threw up but I was coughing really hard so i dont know if that caused it or not, also had some cramping and headaches too! on the 7th i got home a 10pm went to the bathroom bf bought burger king ate...10:15 peeing again.. WHY!! I just want one of my own...My mom said that her and her sister tried and they could not get preggers till they were 21..well I will be 21 next month on the 13th I know I am young but I am finacialy ready and my bf is all for it been planning for this for some time im ready....

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