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Early pregnancy symptoms

I know that this probably has already been posted before, but I couldn't find it.
I'm probably not preggo, but if I am I only o five days ago.
Which I know is to early to have symptoms, but I was wondering if any of you that have been preggo did have symptoms early, and if so, what were they?
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I guess I should have mentioned my symptoms.
Yesterday, I had very sharp/pulling pains in my uterus. Last night I woke up sick and lost my dinner, but I think it was food poisoing. I was feeling better this morning, but now I'm feeling nausea.
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I think that it sounds like you might be preggo but it is way early.

Ladies FYI the equate brand pregnancy test (wal mart) (eckard) and CVS detect hcg at 20ml.  So that is the most sensitive. Even more than early forst response,

Happy day everyone.

i have no idea how to follow these threads if anyone could explain it that would be great... :):):):)

It is either that or I will wind up posting anywhere without a rhyme or reason

I go for my VUS again tommorrow. I hope that the HB is more than last week. (98bpm)  I am sooo nervous that there won';t be aHB at all.  What do you all think that the liklihood of that would be?  I have no syptoms that I miscarried and I certainly have experience with M/C. I know I am insane, I worry way too much.

Blessings Lynn
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Everyone is different but as for me, I felt sick since the day I ovulated.  I was also feeling nauseous (sp?) the days following ovulation of and on.  Then when I was late, the m/s happened 24/7 so it all depends.  When are you expecting AF?  The best thing would be just to wait till you are late and I know its hard but then you will know for sure.

Good Luck

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It can sometimes hard to keep up around here, but as long as a forum is open your questions and comments will be answered in that forum. Anywhere you post a comment you might get a response. I hope this helps????? :)

I also wanted to ask you about a comment you made over the weekend. You said you were not a religious person, but you seem to be with your nic and also you always end with "peace & blessings". I just figured with the job you have and everything you would believe in God, because you see him everyday. Maybe you just don't believe in organized religion? Not that it is important as far as my opinion of you, it is not, I was just curious??

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I knew right away I was pregnant this time. The day after I concieved this baby I was so tired I had to take a 3 hour nap. I never nap unless I am pregnant. Being tired was pretty much my only symptom for a while, other than the implanation bleeding, but I just had this feeling I was pregnant.
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I'm going through the same thing.  Feeling sick to my stomach, abdomen feeling heavy, slightly sensitive chest.  Not sure if it's just in my head or not.  I ovulated about a week ago or so.  AF not due for another week or so.  It's driving me crazy to wait - I've taken two HPTs, knowing it was too soon to test.  Ah well.....baby dust to you!!
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