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Early scan really worried

I am approx six weeks pregnant.my last period was 6/11/06 and as i haven't really had any symptoms i went to see my doctor. he said that as i was so worried he would send me for a scan. I had trans vaginal scan which showed that there was a sack (just looked like a big black ball) but she said that was all she could see and that i might of miscarried (although have had no bleeding or cramps), or it might of just stopped developing or it might be too early. She was quite abrupt about it all and i am so scared. i have wait another two weeks for my next scan. has anyone else experienced this?
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i have experience the exact same thing. i went to the doctor for a scan at around 6 weeks and she could only see sac. she told me to wait 3 weeks to see any development.

maybe its just too early for you. i would not worry much if i were you. i did however had a missed miscarrige, where the baby did not develop. but i had spotting all through the pregnancy..

the doctor said if its ealy miscarrige, there's not much we can do about it. we just need to wait and see. if the baby is fine, it will develop. if its not, let the nature take its course..

good luck..
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Can anyone help please. I had a positive pregnancy test 6 days ago but have had a brown like discharge since. It is very light but still im panicking. I had a miscarriage 10 months ago and a still birth 8 months before that. I had a scan yesterday but nothing could be seen. No sac, nothing. I now have to wait 3 weeks for another scan. Is it too early to see anything? or is it gonna be another miscariage? My last period was 12/12/06 but they are very irregular and that lasted nearly 2 weeks.
Can anyone help?
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if your last period was in june... wouldn't you be a lot further along than six weeks?
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It was 12th Dec. Us uk folk do the dates differently. Sorry for the confusion.
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The same thing happened to me! I went in a week later and saw the baby and heartbeat! I spent over a week sick to my stomach and wondering what was going on! Try not to stess out too much! What are your HCG levles doing?
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I need some help. I went for my first u/s Jan 18. I was supposed to be 8 weeks. They did the u/s and said they could only see an empty sac. The doctor immediately said I had a miscarriage. I have not had any bleeding or cramping. They did blood work the same day and  on Jan 20 I went back for more blood work. They wanted to see if my  hcg levels have increased or not. I have to go back for another u/s Jan 24. I just don't know what to do. Can it still be to early for the baby to be seen or does it sound like a miscarriage? The doctor also told me I have a heart shaped uterus. Should I get a second opinion or have a d&c? Thanks!
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I got my Hcg results back today and on last thursday the numbers were 18,297 and on saturday my numbers had increased to 21,822. Are these numbers still too low where it seems like a miscarriage or does it sound like the baby could still be growing?
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Hi, THey ont go Hcg tests here in the uk. I'll just have to wait 3 eek with my fingers crossed

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