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Eating less and less

My 3-year-old has always been like a garbage disposal. She'd eat just about anything we put in front of her. Then she got to the picky stage and we were fine with that. She'd still eat a good amount of food.

The problem now, though, is that she's hardly eating at all. She eats a tiny bowl of cereal for breakfast and a cup of milk, for lunch she'll eat half a sandwich and nothing else. For dinner she takes about 4 bites and she's done. Tonight she got a burger and she ate 1/5 of the sandwich and then said, "Momma, I wrap this and put it in the fridge for tomorrow."

She won't even finish a yogurt cup. Maybe it's just a phase and maybe I'm being paranoid. But it's starting to really bug me. I don't think she's lost weight, either. Do you think she could be sick or is it just a phase? I plan on bringing it up to her doctor but wanted to pose the question here as well.
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How long has this been going on for? Noah was doing the same thing for the past couple days, well tonight I noticed that he was warm so I took his temp and it was up to 101.6. He wasn't eating much because he was getting sick. That could be the problem for your daughter or it just might be a phase, either way I know it is hard not to worry when your child isn't eating a lot.
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And you know what, GRose? Today and tonight she ate like a porker! Go figure!!! All this worrying and she had three helpings of spaghetti (in a child-sized bowl) for dinner. Worrying will forever be making lines on my forehead as long as I'm alive.

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