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Endometrial Ablation - 3 years later

I had an endometrial ablation 3 years ago and had great success, no bleeding at all until the last 2 months.  I am now experiencing a 2nd period with very heavy cramping and bleeding - is this something I should see my doctor about?  After 3 years with no bleeding or discomfort, this seems kind of odd to me!  Please advise ASAP .
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If you have had no bleeding for 3 years, make an appt with your doctor.  Better to get it checked since it's not normal for you.
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actually what you are experiencing is normal.  
sometimes after a few years a woman will start to have a period again because there were some cells that weren't completely damaged when you had the ablation done, so after time the cells have grown and now you are having a period again.  this happens alot and you can do what i did and just get your good ol uterus taken out.  i had the ablation and also had my uterus just removed about 8 months ago.  best thing i ever did.  i have my cervix and tubes and ovaries just not uterus and no period but all the hormones.
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I had my ablation done in feb.2004...I have not had a period since then. I actually just got back from having an ultra sound. The doctor wants to take a look inside because she said it is rare for the ablation to last as long as it has with no periods. Statistically most still have light periods after the surgery and some, like me, have none. But eventually the lining can will grow back ( depending on age when you had ablation ) Most women end up repeating the surgery. My doctor is checking me for scar tissue build up to see if that is why i have not had any periods. The scar tissue build up would be from having the ablation. My family doctor had an ablation as well...how ironic....so she does seem to have experience working on her side. Just thought I would try to give you some imput on what I have learned, Hope it helps a bit.
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hi i had the opp done in Dec 07 no periods but god do i get cramps do any of you guys the last one i actually wanted to bare down they were that bad ... any info app x
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I just had an ablation on the 22 of April, and my doc is surprised I am still having problems bleeding.  I am concerned about the fact that I never had heavy periods, I just wanted to quit dealing with them since I took the pill non stop.  I figured this was a healthier alternative.  I guess I worry that it might be dangerous if you had a thin lining to start with.  Any help?  I have looked for answers all over the web, but everything is regarding heavy bleeding
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What ended up becoming of the ultrasound? I had ablation done 12/2005. Have had no periods up until the past 3-4 months, noticing light bleeding,
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I had the ablation done 3 years ago this month. No periods. Then last bam out of no where I'm bleeding like a stuff pig. It feels like all 3 years in 1 period. I tried to get them to give me a hysterectomy years ago. I don't need any of it. Maybe now they will. I'm kinda glad though that it seems normal right on the 3 year mark for this to happen.
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What side effects did you have with getting it removed? Did this help with cramps, fatigue, or headaches due to that time of the month?
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I was told after that procedure a child can not longer be carried either.
So if we are bleeding again can we get pregnant?
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I am not liking what I am seeing.  I had the abalation 3 years ago.  It took a year before I stopped bleeding.  Had no periods until last month.  Last month had some spotting and didn’t worry too much.  This month having a period.  Not as heavy as I had before the surgery but enough of one.  I thought I would not be having periods for years and by then I would be in to menopause.  I had the ablation because of constant heavy bleeding.  At the most, I would get two weeks between periods that were lasting anywhere from 9 to 21 days.  I so do not want to go back to that but not sure if I want to the expense of a surgery again if it will only last two years.  I am not happy.
Oh honey I am in the same boat.  Just started with the old blood today after almost 4 years period free.  I am 48 and I don't feel like going through this again.  My periods got so bad I didn't waste any time for this procedure.  But now what? :-(
Your story sounds familiar.  What have you done since this posting?  Has there been any changes?  Any info would help.  
So I recently left a comment that I had had the two periods and then back to nothing.  I am now having another period.  A light one but a period none the less.
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I had an ablation done in October of 2016. I was told I would still probably get a light period and no cramps but lately the cramps never leave! I had my “spotting” period I get every few months 2 weeks ago but the cramps won’t stop! They are horrible and also in my back. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m only 37 but I’m thinking it time for a total hysterectomy!
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