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Engorged - Follow Up

This is a follow up to my post yesterday regarding my severe engorgement. I think I should probably clarify my question a little better...I am actually NOT officially breastfeeding...I am pumping only and supplementing with formula.

It's a long story, but I have difficulties with actual breastfeeding, though I did try with my first. I found that pumping worked best and I was able to do this for 3 months.

This time, NOTHING will come out of my left breast. The right one is doing fine and I am able to pump out a good amount in a short time. I get an occassional drip from the left, however, it is coming from one of the ducts, but not the actual center of the nipple. It's like that is completely clogged. It

So now I look like lopsided Barbie with one HUGE left breast that is VERY painful, and the right that is semi-normal.

So, for the breast that nothing will come out of...what should I do? Should I try cabbage leaves? Has this worked for anyone? And I've heard teabags - how do you use these for engorgement?

Thank you so much - you ladies are wonderful!
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I know this sounds wierd, but they recommend it at the Grace Maternity Hospital and it works.  Put a cabbage leaf on the engorged breast.  There is an enzyme that will help, and the cool leaf feels great.
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are you pumping both breasts at the same time? Maybe try putting the right cup on the left breast - maybe it is a problem with suction on the left cup of the machine?  Just a thought - you've probably already considered that though.
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You might want to give your Dr a call if you think it's clogged. You may need antibiotics if there is an infection. When I had a breast infection milk wouldn't come out of the nipple either, but I wasn't engorged, it was after 3 motnhs of nursing. good luck!
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I didn't read what everyone posted before so sorry if I repeat
Have u tried leaving the pump on that breast longer (I pumped a lot & sometimes one boob would take longer)
R u drinking something warm while pumpimg (this helped me)
Can u manually get a good bit out (just incase pumping suction is a little off)
It's odd that one is so clogged up, ummm if theres no infection I would wonder what would be the cause unless it's the pump (but since you've pumped before I'd doubt it's the pump itself)
I even drank coffee & hot choc. before so the milk would flow out easier :)hope the teabags or cabbage wks!!!Let us know if you find the solution! Good Luck!!!
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I have put cabbage leaves on them and the engorgement has reduced by about 50%!! What a relief!! Who knew! :)

I'm just wondering if this is going to lessen my supply...I've heard that happens with cabbage leaves.
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It will and has been known to take your milk supply away, but now you can possibly get some out when you put.  Try putting something warm over it, it really sounds as though you are clogged
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