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Entertaining an 3 month old.

Well ladies! Im so frustrated! Me and Ayla have been in the house since Monday because there is a bad air warning in the valley and it is really smokey outside because of all the fires! Usually I would just take her for a walk or something but now Im lost!! How can I keep her entertained! I tried the swing, infant chair everything!!! HELP! Lol.
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Do you have an exersaucer or a play mat?  Why don't you give her a bath.  Does she like any cartoons?  You can read to her, give her some toys and put her on the floor or in a pack and play with the toys.
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my son was very hard to entertain at that age also. at the time it was still winter and pretty cold where we are, so walks and playing outside were out of the question also. what we did was really a routine of everything imaginable, a few minutes at a time, each thing. some things you already mentioned, like the baby swing and boucy seat. i'd put him in it to do a thing or two, but it never lasted long. then from those things to the things mami mentioned, exersaucer and playmat. i also broke up the time into spurts of playing on the floor (laying down a blanket with toys), pack and play with a few soft toys and highchair with a soft book or something similar. if there are things you need to get done around the house, you could try getting a baby carrier of some sort, where you can wear her on you while you vaccuum or do dishes, although edward never cared for it, some babies do enjoy it. it really is constant at this age i think because they are still too small to do a lot of things and constantly need attention. in-between naps and bottles though, just rotate putting her in/on everything you have, get lots of soft toys and books and try not to look at the clock too much :o)
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thank you ladies so much!!! yes i do have a little play mat and just had her in it! I give her bathes at nights but should i start in the daytime??
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anything to pass the time is ok i think. to make it more fun, you could get one of those tiny blow-up pools/ducks and put it on the kitchen/bathroom floor.
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I try the bath and play mat or tummy time.  Often it is too hot and too sunny to spend much time outside, so I run out of ideas to entertain my son also.  Sometimes I feel like I am boring him to tears. :)  If he could talk I think he would say, "OH NO, not peek-a-boo AGAIN!!! :)
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baby einstine (sp??) save my sanity! i would say pic up a dvd and it keeps my son busy for a long time! (and i can clean the house!

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