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Eptopic Pregnancy

Hi! On June 23rd, I found out that I was about 6-7 weeks pregnant. On July 7th, I had an ultrasound and was told it's possibly an eptopic pregnancy. Since then, I
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Did you have an ultrasound? With HCG levels of 26000 they would have been able to see something in your uterus if it was indeed growing in your uterus.  I had an ectopic last year and it ruptured in my tube at about 8 weeks and i had levels of around 11000 i think. I started spotting and it gradually got worse, and then pain came.  I hope this is not what you're going through!
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They say that when the egg implants itself that some women experience bleeding, but I think that is around 7 weeks.  Maybe you aren't as far along as you think and hopefully that is what it is.  Good luck!
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Yes, I've had 2 ultrasounds to date. The first, I was told a gestional sac was not seen in the uterus and referred back to my doctor's office the following morning. That afternoon, after receiving my results for the stat hcg test, I was told to follow up with a different doctor's office (fetal diagnostic center)that same day, I underwent a second ultrasound (including transvaginal) still with no sight of a gestation sac within my uterus. However, they did notice a "suspicious" mass near my fallopian left fallopian tube(still unclear). I will follow up tomorrow with my ob-gyn and discuss 2nd hcg results and possible surgery.

Thanks for your input and concern. I'll keep you guys posted.
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please do keep us posted.  Sounds similar to my ectopic last year but hopefully not! i wish you the best and will be thinking of you!
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Sometimes the reason it's difficult to find ectopic pregnancies on ultrasounds is that they're restricted in size due to being 'trapped' somewhere other than the uterus.  My HCG numbers were very low last year with my ectopic, and they couldn't see it anywhere on the ultrasound.  I ended up miscarrying my ectopic naturally, but my doctor said he had never heard of that before, and that in 99% of the cases, ectopic pregnancies need surgery.  Best of luck to you.  I know this is difficult.  Insist on follow-up with your doctor, as already mentioned, to monitor your HCG.
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I had a tubal ligation almost 5 yrs ago after a c-section.  Last week, two early detection pregnancy tests came back positive...within the first 30 seconds of the test.  I was having really sore breasts...and then I started feeling engorged, so I knew something was up, despite the odds.  Saturday around 3am I had alot of cramping and then started bleeding heavily. I saw the doctor Monday.  He says I most likely had an ectopic due having the tubal ligation, and that I had an early miscarriage...it was reabsorbed naturally.  HE says that happens alot with early ectopics.   I was only about 3-4 weeks along.  I had an ultrasound yesterday which confirmed it was a complete miscarriage. I don't need to do anything else like methotrexate or surgery.  I'm wondering now if I can get pregnant like before I had the tubal, or if this was just a fluke?  I lost my right tube during a pregnancy, it twisted and ruptured when 6 months pregnant. They cut out the entire tube. My left tube was cut and burned during the ligation...so it seems unlikely it could have grown back or anything.  Anyone else have that type of tubal (cut/burn vs tied) and get pregnant?  I wonder if there is a tear in the tube itself?

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I have had 3 tubals which none have ruptured. thank god! The only way they knew was by taking blood every 24 hours to see if my hormone levels were doubling. since they werent, i went in for the surgery, and have heeled up fine on my first 2.
the 3rd, I had lost track and didnt realize i was pg until i just suspected it and took a test. since we had just moved to miami a month previous, i didnt have the same situation repeat itself. i went in for the blood test one day, waited 2 days for the doc to call me with results and a new appt but he said, 'nah, your levels are too hight for an ectopic, so we'll see ya in about a month.' i called back, since i realized i am supposed to take projesterone and the doc said 'your chart doesnt say you're pregnant, where did you get this information'? well needless to say, I found another doc. It was at his request to have an u/s and they found that I was 9 weeks in the right tube! i had to have surgery that night!
so i guess it just depends how far you are to know if its in the tube (by u/s), but i like the blood tests better and if done early enough, you shouldnt rupture.
I wish the best for you!
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I was just released from a five-day stay in the hospital. After leaving the doctor's office on Monday, July 12th, he referred me back to the fetal diagnostic's center for another ultrasound. Based on my hcg levels from that morning my levels went up to 27,780 which concerned him since a viable pregnancy had yet to be seen in the uterus.  After receiving a second opinion about the ultrasound, I was referred to be admitted to the hospital for a dose of metrotrexate or surgery. Their only concern was that they didn't have much experience with metrotrexate; especially with someone with levels as high as mine. I was informed that it was a huge risk, because I had no serious pain I was willing to take that chance. Needless to say, I spent five days in the hospital. None of the nurses had experience with a patient taking metrotrexate, which was very scary for me. So my husband and I read alot and prayed alot during those days. Within 48 hrs of being given the medication I started cramping, by the third day I had nausea and vomiting; by the fourth day my pain and nausea had subsided. Since the shot on Monday, I had three hcg tests (a total decline of 3500). They released me today and I will follow up on Monday at the doctor's office for more hcg tests until my levels reach 0 (possible long process).
I'm just amazed at how quickly they (ob-gyn's) revert to surgery as opposed to saving a reproductive organ. Especially in a case where a rupture or severe pain is not an issue.
I will let you guys know as things progresses. Hopefully, this will be a success story to inspire other women to weight their options before their lives are changed forever.
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I visited my doctor's office today, July 21, and received some very encouraging news. My levels are now at 15,000IU and declining. Amazingly, my doctor admitted that he didn't think that metrotrexate treatment would work for me because of my hcg levels. In my opinion, this is the very reason why as a woman dealing with such serious issue as an ectopic pregnancy, it's a good idea to have a family member or friend accompany you to the doctor; or at least have a second opinion.

From the very beginning my husband was against surgery (unless it was medically necessary). Personally, I felt very confused, anxious, and overwhelmed (like most women dealing with this issue i'm sure) I just wanted it to end that very moment. I'm so grateful and thankful that my husband was there to help me make a decision, otherwise, I would have choosen surgery and my life would have change forever.

Although my fight is not over, my husband and I feel very optimistic that we have won this battle. I will follow up on Monday, July 26, for another hcg test and will continue this process until my levels at 0.

I will continue to update this message board until my fight is over.
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I had a series of 3 hpt, each a little darker then the last, i am about 4 weeks, i had some lower abdominal pains-sharp-like gas.  Not wanting to risk it i went to the er.  Blood & urine confirmed my pregnancy-with my HGC in the 200's.  After an ultra sound, they said i had a mass in my rt overy. A possible ectopic, i was clueless-of coarse i had no questions, now i am full of them.  I guess its a good thing for my levels to increace as they have with my HPT, which the docs didnt know about.  Now i am waiting for my apt tommoorw, to see if my levels double or not.  I think they will-as they have so far.  I think the mass, is merly just another problem-unrelated to my pregnancy.  However, this was after much crying and devistation.
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I have slow rising levels to I found out I was pregant at about 3 weeks. I experencd a little bleeding I thought it was my period. I went to the E.R and I got all the tests don't they said I'm about 3 weeks on
April 22 hcg levels 527
April 4 hcg levels 535
April 5 hcg levels 737 
April 10 hcg levels 971
I'm about 4weeks today that want mt to take methotrexate sodium Inj they think it's eptopic. I'm so confused they said they saw something near my overy and tube but they weren't sure what it was I'm so confused I have no pain I don't no what I should do.
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