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Evaluating the newborn babies as per AAP guidelines

Evaluating the newborn babies as per AAP guidelines and providing clinical services as appropriate , The screening will include Wt,ht,head circ, Complete PE, Development evaluation, Blood group, Bilirubin check, Hearing test . Appropriate vaccines like OPV, BCG and HEP B may be provided.......Can u tell me a suggestion about these types of testing & screening....
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Ok well, my son went through all of it except the OPV and BCG vaccines. I did have the docs give him a HEP B vaccine. wt, ht, head circ, and all the others are normal for newborns, they do them right after the birth. Bilirubin check is just to see if baby has jaundice. Just so you know on the hearing test, don't be alarmed if your baby fails one side (left/right) My son did and they said it was just fluid in his ear still, and he passed it a week later. I don't know what PE in the Complete PE stands for, but I'm sure it's just a normal test they do. Development evaluation is just to see how many weeks in gestation the baby looks...my son was delivered at 39 weeks, but had a 38 week gestational developmental age, I believe this was due to him being a boy, their lungs develop slower. If you are really concerned about the tests, then talk to your doctor, and the other vaccines. I'm sure he/she would be more than happy to answer any question you have about any of it.
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Complete PE means complete physical exam.  

I'm not sure about what the question is?  

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