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Exposed to fifth disease in 1st trimester.

I found out yesterday that I've been exposed to fifth disease and I'm currently 7 weeks 5 days. Last night I thought I was having a miscarriage because I was having really bad abdominal pain. I didn't know what fifth disease was so I looked it up online today and found out that abdominal pain is a sign of the virus. I called my doctor's office and they sent me to the lab to have blood taken but I won't get the results until Monday. My doctor's office gave me the direct number to the OB at the hospital and the number to the ER in case the abdominal pain comes back or something else happens over the weekend. I'm trying to stay positive because I'm not spotting but I'm scared. I lost my last baby to a m/c on Jan 22, 2006. It took a long time for me to conceive again and I don't know what I'll do if I lose this baby too. I already had an ob appt scheduled for Monday so I'll get the results then. Has anyone out there contracted fifth disease while they were pregnant? What happened?

Also, one of my co-workers just found out she's pregnant so if I contracted fifth disease I've exposed her to it too. I would feel awful if something happened to her baby because of me. I've already told her about my exposure to the virus and she's waiting to talk to her doctor until we get the results of my lab. I sure hope it turns out the abdominal pain I had was just coincidental. I would hate to be the cause of someone elses pain...
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Tina - what you have doesn't sound like fifth disease to me at all.  Here, the schools call it "slap syndrome" because kids who have it look slapped.  They also appear to have a cold.

I did a google search for fifth disease and abdominal pain and the best correlation I could see was when they sometimes listed abdominal pain as "an infrequent symptom".  

Do you have the characteristic rash?  

Best wishes for you.  Waiting on lab results is so hard.

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The 'slapped cheek' look doesn't come for several days after the symptoms arrive. Here are the symptoms from msn health.

Fifth Disease

From Healthwise
Early symptoms of fifth disease are similar to the flu. A characteristic rash follows several days later, and some people develop joint pain. Fifth disease can be confused with other conditions with similar symptoms.

Flulike symptoms
Symptoms of fifth disease develop 4 to 20 days after exposure to the virus. Typically, initial symptoms resemble the flu and may be so mild that they are not noticed. Some people with fifth disease do not have any symptoms. Early symptoms include:

Runny nose and sore throat.
Headache and abdominal pain.
Rarely, a mild fever may occur (around 100
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Tinad - best wishes.  It still really sounds like a long shot that your symptoms match this description - one evening of abdominal pain (Is that now completely gone?) doesn't sound like you have great cause to worry.

I wish you well - I guess you'll know for sure Monday.
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The nurse at my doctor's office told me the abdominal pain is not a good sign but to stay optimistic so that's what I'm trying to do. There are several cases of fifth disease at my son's school. I go into the school on a daily basis during the school week. I would be extremely happy if I do not have the virus but I'm worried that I might have contracted it. Best case scenario is the abdominal pain I had last night is totally unrelated to fifth disease but there is a possiblity I did contract it. I have also had a cold for a few days but I thought it was just a cold and nothing to worry about. The abdominal pain I had last night kept me awake until 3am and I was almost in tears because it hurt so bad.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate everyone that has helped me over the last year.
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I had fifths disease in October and it was aweful. For me it was terrible joint pain to where I couldn't walk or use my hands. My kids all had it at the same time and just had the rash. I didn't have a rash. I never had stomach pain.

My sisters kids had it also and she was 8 weeks pregnant. She never got it and everything is fine with her pregnancy.

I think once you have it you are immune to it. They say it is pretty rare for adults to get it since you probably had it as a child. Even if by chance you get it, it still doesn't mean you will miscarry. From what I researched because of fear for my pregnant sister, your chances of a miscarriage from it are pretty slight.

I know how it is to worry about things because my kids all got chicken pox right after I got pregnant with my last baby. I was so scared I would get it even though I had it as a child.

I would try not to worry. I am sure your baby will be fine.
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I was also exposed to 5th disease a few weeks ago in my first trimester. They told me I probably didn't have much to worry about and that most adults are immune and had it when they were a kid without knowing it. I'm sure you'll be fine. I had it a few years ago as an adult and it was horrible. The joint pain was excruciating!!
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i think you're probably OK. unless your son actually had it, chances of you picking it up just walking through the school are pretty slim. i am constantly exposed to the disease (well, at least several times a year) since i work in a preschool. luckily, my dr tested my blood, and i have had it. but when it has gone around our school, i have only heard of one case of a parent getting it, and she got it directly from her daughter. unfortunately, she was pregnant (in the 3rd trimester), and it did cause complications for both mom and baby. however, in the long run, both were OK. if you did happen to have it, your coworker is unlikely to catch it unless you work in very close proximity to each (like share a phone).

keep us updated... i know it's so easy to worry. you are in my thoughts!
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I was exposed to it when I was 8 wks by my sister who is also co-worker. 2 of 3 of her kids had it, too. I called Dr. he said if I ever had been exposed to chicken pox or had them in my life I was immune. He said most women are immune bc they have been exposed w/o even knowing. You cannot get it 2x. You can have it w/o knowing too.
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What happend at the dr. today?  Let me know how you are doing.  It is better to be safe than sorry so I would do all the testing I could to rule it out and make you feel better.
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I had my appt but the results from the lab aren't back yet. The doctor told me they would call when the results come in. The nurse was the one that scared me to begin with but my doctor told me today that most adults are immune to fifth disease so I'm not that worried anymore. Thanks for asking! Other than that things seem to be fine. I don't go back until Feb 19th for my 12 week appt. We should hear the baby's heartbeat then. I can't wait. How is everything going with you?
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