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My fist pregnancy ended ard.9 wks, had d/c at 11wks after seeing no heartbt on u/s. was SHOCKED. My post d/c info said some women have even gotten preg.before the next period even comes. I'm confused about what my body is doing right now. Do all the hormones leave my body from the previous preg? Is it safe to get preg so fast? Do I release another egg? Like most of you, I'm so worried about having to go thru this again, I can't even think of how I'll be at the first u/s the next time...
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Sorry for your recent miscarriage I do know how devastating it can be I had one in 1992 Time does heal..Personally I waited 6 months my doctor said about 2-3 cycles but I wanted to wait to make sure my uterus and everything was back to  normal state (maybe sounds crazy)before trying again.
I never knew why the miscarriage happened but I wanted to never go through it again .. So I ate better, waited and took vitamins prior to the next time..Now I have three healthy kids
Good Luck to you
Its very painful emotionally and physically so take time for yourself ...Time does help
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Also yes you can get pregnant immediately after a miscarriage and also right after giving birth.
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I had a m/c last June. The pregnancy had ended at 9 weeks, but I didn't find out until week 12, then had a D & C. I waited one cycle (which was not until mid-Aug)and tried again. I found out I was pregnant the end of Sept. So, yes, there is a very good chance of getting pregnanct right after a m/c, but I would wait until at least one or 2 cycles before trying again. That way, you would know around the time you got pregnant and give your body a chance to heal.
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I had a m/c in Feb (6 weeks), fortunately for me I did not have to have a d&c, however, my dr. told me it best to wait for 3 cycles b4 trying to conceive again.  After the 3 cycles we tried again (may) found out pg again, only to have a chemical pregancy.  I think my body just was not ready yet.  Have now waited another cycle and am currently trying.  I think everyones body is different, but I would wait for atleast 3 cycles, especially if you had a d&c - couldn't hurt and maybe your body will be better prepared next time like cinnamonheart said.  Good luck to you - I know the emotional pain is heavy right now, but it will get better.  Most of us have been through it and are doing pretty good now.
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Hi everyone, I was reading the post about miscarriagies. I want to say I am sorry for you loss. I have heard that you could get pregnant right after a misscarriage, or even giving birth. I just know that my dr. told me after I gave birth to not do anything for 6 weeks.  I have never had a misscarriage, But I had an ablation done a year ago. The dr. told me that I could'nt carry a baby if I got pregnant, Well my husband and I hve taken all the precaution that we could, until several mths ago, we forgot. Well I am pregnant, and I am scared to death that I will loose my baby. At first I was in shock because I have already gotten 3 children, and I am 32 and didnt want anymore, but the more I thought about losing the baby, the more I stopped thinking about myself. I called the nurse at my OB and she said she thougth I could carry the baby. Well I made an appt with my OB dr. for next wednesday and they called me today and told me to get in there on monday. Even tho I found out last thrusday I was pregant, I believe I am as far along as 4 mths. Does anyone know about getting pregnant after having an Ablation of the lining of the uterus?

All the best to you
Deanna ***@****
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Yes you can get pregnant after a m/c even before you have a period.  I am nearly 10 weeks along after having just that happen.  

My doctor told me that since I was only about 6 weeks when I m/c'd, that I could begin trying again after my HCG was down to 0.  I m/c'd naturally, no D&C needed.  As soon as the nurse called to say my numbers were at zero and we could try again, we did.  Some doctors recommend waiting longer.  When you are still early on, you really don't have to wait.  The doctor said as long as we were ready to try again emotionally, then it would be fine.  

My only real problem was that we did not know how far along I was when we realized that I was in fact pregnant.  So the doctor did an ultrasound and at the time I was right at 6 weeks.  We also heard the heartbeat.  I will be 10 weeks on Sunday and so far so good.  

If you feel you are ready and your doctor says you can try again, then it is up to you.  IF you want to wait a few cycles, then by all means use some form of contraception.  According to what my doctor said and things I have read, you are very fertile a couple of weeks after a m/c.

For me, I have very irregular cycles, so it was easier to go ahead and try when there was a good chance of me ovulating.  And lo and behold, it worked.  There are a few other ladies on here who are pregnant right now that have also gotten pregnant right after a m/c, and as far as I know they are all doing fine.  

May God be with you whatever you decide.  It is really hard to loose a baby no matter how far along you are.

Best wishes to you!

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