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Feeling baby lump thru abdomen

Hi every1. I see alot of posts on here about when you shuld first feel you babies movements inside but what about the outside? When did you start to feel the baby from the outside? (I dont mean feel it kick or anything, just know that that lump was your baby?) I am 9w3d with my first viable pregnancy and am a little scared to poke around too much but was wondering when some might be able to be felt by your hands?  Thanks

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Usually your uterus can be felt just over the pubic bone by 11-12 weeks depending on how much abdominal fat is present.  It'll just be like a hard lump right above the bone.
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When I first saw a lump that I knew was "baby" and not "abdomen fat being puffed up by theoretical baby" was when I was lying in a bathtub.  Something about the position -- back flat but head tilted enough to see tummy -- made it clear that on the exhale, part of my  abdomen was going down with the air going out, and another part was just, plain staying up there, totally unaffected by how much air I was breathing out.  I think this might have been happening at 12-13 weeks, didn't write it down, though.  It made me smile.
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I don't think at nine weeks you could feel it from the outside
it is pretty darn small and well protected behind your pubic area
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I am 14 wks 6 days and have felt it since it came up above pubic bone maybe 2 weeks ago. Can feel it if I lie on my front which I avoid and when I sit up like driving . But it's not too easy to feel even from the outside.  Poking or palpating won't hurt anything though--the baby is well-protected!Ask the doctor to show you the top of your uterus at the next appt. They press on you to find it.
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MGI I havent even tried to feel for it as I said, im too scared to poke around down there but was just interested to know when ppl do feel.

Thanks ladies and I am sure when the time is right I will too have that huge smile across my face.
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You won't be able to feel anything at 9 weeks. Wait until it starts to come up over pubic bone (around 12 weeks) then you may start to feel the top of your uterus. You won't feel much else until well into your secomd trimester!
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