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Feelings after Miscarriage

OK.  Here is my problem.  I am 25 years old and baby was due 7/30/06.  I was diagnosed on 1/3/06 via ultrasound that my 10.2 week old baby had no heartbeat. Baby measured 9 weeks. During this exam they also said I had a heart shaped uterus.  I had a D&C on 1/5.  How long will I have my pregnancy symptoms?  It is 4 days later and my breasts are still extremely tender.  Has anyone ever had surgery to correct a heart shaped uterus? if so, how long after did you get pregnant?  I am anxious to try again.. any advice would help.
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I had pg symptoms for at least 3 weeks post d&c. I got my first af 5.5 weeks after the d&c and dh and I started ttc right after first af. I have 5 days until I test. Good luck and know that you're not alone here.
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Sorry for your lost.  I just M/C also.  I was 8 weeks on Nov. 28th but, measu.5 weeks with no heart beat, Dec 7th I had my D&C.  I just got my period last night It took 5 1/2 weeks.  After my D&C, I only had prenancy feeling for a couple of weeks.  My doctor told me I had to wait 2 cycles until I could try again.

Good luck "Pagona"
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I had pg symptoms for about 2-3 weeks after my m/c.  I don't know of anyone who needed surgery for a heart-shaped uterus.  I have heard it can make conception slightly more difficult but don't know if it can be corrected.  My mother has a tipped uterus and was told she would have difficulties conceiving and such.  She never had any problems.  Hopefully your m/c was an unfortunate fluke and not related to the shape of your uterus.  Good luck!
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I read a lot online that the baby my have planted on the split of the uterus. This would have caused the placenta not to function normally and baby's heart to stop.  my baby looked great just 10 days earlier doing flips and had a nice heartbeat as of 12/23.  It was a shocker to hear that it died.  I go back for my post op on 2/4 and hopefully will get some answers then.  I just hope that next miracle will be on the way sooner rather than later.  All i know is that once we do conceive again the first 12 weeks will be TORTURE!!!!
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Good luck with ttc.  I'm hoping to try again in Feb/Mar.

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i know that Waterskigirl who is on here a lot also has a heart shaped uterus...Maybe you could watch for her and ask her a few questions...She's very knowledgable on the subject...Good Luck to you!!
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