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Fetus measuring behind

I had my first ultrasound with my OB's office yesterday.  According to my records I should have been 7 weeks 6 days pregnant.  The ultrasound technician measured the baby and gestational sac as 5 weeks 6 days.  There was a flutter of a heartbeat, but it was too weak to measure, yet (which is normal at 5w6d).  The ultrasound technician was very hopeful, but I am not.  I had a positive blood test when I was 4 weeks pregnant...I would have to have conceived that day for the baby to measure 5w6d.

I had an emergency room ultrasound when I was 4 weeks 6 days to rule out ectopic pregnancy (I have a history of it and was having discomfort in the right side of my abdomen).  The technician there wouldn't let me see the screen or let me talk to the radiologist.  After being there for almost 6 hours the ER doctor told me "the baby is in your uterus".  I know at 4w6d they're unable to see an actual baby, but I'm assuming they saw a gestational sac.  My OB's office was unable to locate these records to compare the info.

Has anyone ever had an early ultrasound measure so far behind and still result in a viable pregnancy?

As far as I know my uterus is not tilted.
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i really don't know what to say, but i'll keep my fingers crossed that everything is ok.
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At 8 weeks 3 days I began bleeding so we had an emergency ultrasound.  They couldn't find a heartbeat and the yolk sac had begun to collapse.  Two days later I naturally miscarried the baby.

Today we found out that it was a boy with Triploidy http://www.healthline.com/galecontent/triploidy.  The doctor said it was caused by two sperm fertilizing the egg.

Luckily this is a medical anomaly and happens in 1% of pregnancies.  We don't expect this to happen again.

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