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First After Pregnancy Period ? and other questions

i have a question i started yesterday. Jesse-Sophia is 6w2d today and i thought my period would have came sooner but it didnt. anyways since i started it is very heavy, like a pad every other hour, or so. for me that is a lot.

**and am i aloud to use a tampond? they said nothing in untill 6 weeks is over. I go to the dr. tomarrow.

**is there any questions i should ask the dr. at my post dr visit. thanks everyone.
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I would wait on the tampon until after your visit, they want to make sure you are healed.  I got my first period after delivery a week from this past Sat. and it was really heavy too, your body is just cleaning itself out still.  Mine came at 9 weeks 1 day after delivery and is finally starting to go away now.  If you are worried call, but otherwise sounds normal and you go in tomorrow.  I did have trouble after my first baby with pain and also keeping them in.  I had lots of stitches though and waited almost a year.  This time around I was able to use tampons, but again they slip out and get uncomfortable, so be prepared in case you have issues too.
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thanks i never thought about the tampons falling/not staying in as good. i guess they would though. thanks. only bad part is it is getting hot here and swiming time so i sure hope they do after a while.
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I had my 1st period at exactly 30 days postpartum (baby #2). I was surprised since I am breastfeeding. I have hd one every 27 days since, and baby is now almost 5 mos. My 1st period was very heavy for several days. I did not use tampons. My other periods since then have been super heavy on day 2, but normal (for me) on the other days. I do use tampons now, but use the super. The regular feels a bit loose in there.
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I'm currently on my 1st period postpartum. It's very light, but crampy. I got it exactly 1 month pp. I forgot that I always get AF 1 month after having a baby or miscarriage. I'd love to use a tampon, but forget it. After having a 10lb baby I doubt it'll stay in there so soon  :-)
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I had a 10 lb. baby too, could not keep them in for quite awhile, took me months, almost a year before I even felt like I wanted to try one.  Was your last one the big baby?  I just had another one and they induced early to prevent another one.  He was just under 9 lbs. and it was a total breeze to heal from that one.  My Dr. even stitched me up tighter since I really needed it.  I also found that the kegels helped tighten up.  I still have issues with them, but not nearly as bad.
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Just had a baby  and tubal in july by way of csection. I bled for a while and stopped . My baby was 6weeks on monday. A few days prior I started bleedingvery heavily.
I was concerned about  bleeding so soon after but my doc reassured me that it was my cycle and abdominal pain was just from body and uterus still healing.
I thought maybe i pulled something or something was wrong because I don't remember having a cycle this soon after firt pregnany.

Should I still be alarmed? How long was your cycle and wasit heavy?
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