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For All the PLUS PLUS size women

Hi! I am a plus plus size woman 250+ and I am 16w3d pregnant.  I was wondering if anyone my size has started feeling anything or what kinda of syptoms do you have because I've never made it this far in any of my pregnancies and  this will make my 6th and only living one.  I go on the 27th for a 3/4d u/s and I already have seen my baby move at 11w and I've heard the heartbeat at 11w, 13w, and 15w. I just also rented a doppler.  I guess I am just parniod really bad.  I just want a normal pregnancy.  Anything will easy my mind until the 27th.  thanks
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How wonderful for you. I am about 200 pounds and I am about the same gestation and I am feeling movement but, this is because it is my 4th pregnancy and I know what it feels like. With my 1st couple of pregnancies, I didn't feel movement until at least 20 weeks. This one feels like a little ripple goes accross my abdomen, almost like someone is rolling their fist around. I also feel the occasional little peck, which I am sure is a little foot or hand making contact. If you have ever felt a gas bubble pop, that is exactly what a kick feels like, so if you are feeling that, it is more than likely a little kick. Do those dopplers really work? I am tempted to get one, because even though I feel movement, it is not very constant yet and I would really like to reassure myself with the heartbeat.
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Thanks for your post.  I'll keep ya'll updated.  I have felt bubbles in my stomach but to me I think it's just gas.  I'll let you know about the doppler.  It should be in this week.  I rented one for like $.85 a day just to try it out.  I have a BeSound but it just picks up to much staic.  You don't know if it's a movement or  a sound from around you like the ceiling fan or when your husband coughs it also picks that up.  The other day it picked up a airplane flying over.  So, I really don't recommend those.  I'll let you know this week.  thanks again
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i was around 180 when i got pregnant and didnt feel baby at all till close to 20 weeks.
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hey there i am also a plus plus size women and was when i had my son but he was my second child and so i felt movement early on and was showing early as well but by that time in the preg you probably wont have many symptoms because you are past the first trimester and your body is getting used to being preg so the only way to tell is by u/s and doppler. have you made it this far before? if you havent then this is a good sign that all is going well. do you know why you had so many m/c before? I really hope that everything is ok with you and your baby so let us know what happens when you have you u/s.
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Thanks for ya'lls posting.  I have never gottan this far before.  My husband and I have tried for 14yrs and evertime something happen.  The doctors never knew what was happening because we did ever test in the world and everthing came back normal.  I was just a heatlhy overweight woman.  I found a new doctor and he didn't give up on me.  About two years ago,  I was sent for a simple blood test and come to find out I have Sticky Platelett Sydrome.  My blood clots really bad in my body and I was getting blood clots in my pregnanices.  So now I take a baby asprin everyday and I have to take a shot called Fragmin every night.  My husbands been great giving them to me but I dare not to rush him when he's in the middle of playing a game then it's trocher.(LOL)  Last year, I focused on my weight lost and went from 294 to 232 when I got pregnant in Dec.  And two days before Christmas, I took a test and it came back positive.  I couldn't get exicted until I heard the heartbeat and that day it felt like I won the lottery but just haven't received the prize yet.  People ask me what I got for Christmas and I can honestly say that God sent me a mircale from above.  Thanks for everyone's responses.
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I also am overweight and purposely lost about 30 lbs before trying to get pregnant (went from 207 to 179) but then thought b/c of my age (36) I needed to get pregnant soon instead of trying to lose more weight so got pregnant at that weight. It's annoying b/c I felt proud I lost weight for health reasons in trying to prevent diabetes, hypertension etc when pregnant but doctor just focuses on my still being overweight. I was put on progesterone and stopped exercising until week 10 after 3 early m/c's and gained 10 lbs fast from that, and now in week 26 I'm back up to 200. It's also annoying b/c people don't think I'm pregnant but just fat b/c I'm not thin except my belly, though to me I look pregnant b/c my belly is sticking out a lot more than even when my fattest. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else experiencing this from others? I really don't care but it would be nice to have an excuse this time for looking fat! I still exercise b/c worried about diabetes, and my OB says I should only gain 15 lbs total with pregnancy but I'm already over that limit at 20 lbs and 3 more months to go. I'd say I felt for sure my baby move around week 19  though in retrospect maybe fluttering earlier, but I did think at the time it was b/c I had extra fat compared to friends who were thin and felt baby much earlier. Now I feel him all the time, so doesn't matter my size I guess!
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i know exactly what you mean about not looking pregnant. My belly sticks out but above my belly button and below it - not in the middle! So yeah, i look huge but not pregnant. I have stuck to wearing big maternity tops now because it helps a little!

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There is hope. I started prepregancy 335lbs. I am 6'4' though and I am currently 31 weeks and gained 30lbs so far. Passed the glucose test (which I thought I was going to fail), and have had no major swelling. Everyone is different, but there is hope. Doc said he wante to put me on a diet after I delivered but he changed his mind because he says I seem to be handling the weight gain well. Good Luck!
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Thank you soo sooo much!!!! you just made my day!!! :)  everyday that goes by i pray for my miracle to happen..i just want to make my hubby proud and to thank him too for choosing me to be the mother of his childrens!! one day!!!
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hehe - i was just thinking how my doctor told me last appointment that i need to slow my weight gain down and how funny it seems to me. In the last month i have gained only 4 pounds which puts me at 30 total. I am 27 weeks with twins so i thought i was doing damn good! LOL

30 pounds on my frame isnt really much! people barely even notice at this point that i am pregnant...

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you guys are just so lucky!! me and my DH have been trying for the past 7 months ever since we got married back in sept. i thought for sure i was goin to get preg. rite away..but when it dint happend i stated to worry ..being that im very plus plus size (300+) its been really hard for me all my life its been up and down of my weight and now i know why..i was diagnosed with PCOS..in Dec. and ever since that day ive been trying to excise and eat more healthy my ob has put me on metformin due to ovulation problems..and had to go tru surgery in Jan. due to polyps blocking my ures its been a lot for me to take all the sudden every since my surgery ive lost 10 lbs and on tue. im starting a new diet im hoping to lose some more weight so it could help me get preg. both me and my DH are looking forward of having a family and me being overweight has put a lot of stress on me because i think its harder and wish you guys all the best!! and sorry if  this dosent really make any sense with the post but reading you guys story has givin me hope!!
Thank you!

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the 1st time i was pg, ds, i started at 280 lbs. we used clomid. i always felt flutters but didn't realize it was the baby moving. my sil would ask me what the movements felt like since she had never been pg. the best description i could think of is if you are swimming and you wave your hand under water, the current you feel is alot like the baby's movement. i didn't for sure feel the baby until about 22 or 23wks. my dh wasn't able to feel until about 26 or 27wks. this pg i started feeling movement at about 13wks.

after i had ds sil was motivated to try clomid. we had all married w/i a month of ea other. it took dh and i 9 yrs and sil and bil 10 yrs to get pg. sil was heavier than me she was 350+. we both got pg after the first cycle of clomid.
my weight flucuated during my pg and when i went for my 2wk post pardum appt i was 250lbs, i lost 30lbs! wow best diet ever!! i lost weight and had a baby as the prize!!
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