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For all those who had blood tests after m/c or before conceiving? OPEN FORUM!!!!

For all of those ladies who have been to the RE's and great doctors who had blood tests done after recurrent M/C, what tests where done and what were they actually for?  I got some blood drawn a week ago to see the underlying problem behind my miscarrying and I get the results on Friday of this week before me and DH try to conceive again THIS MONTH (remember April 2007 Conception Club, ladies??)...What did you gals have done and what were they able to find?
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I had my 2nd mc this month (and second this year) so my re ordered the recurrent miscarriage panel before I try again. I am hoping they find something that can be fixed (is it strange to want that?) so I can finally stay pregnant!

I just did the bloodwork on the 19th and am still waiting for the results of my tests. I did 11 tests: ACA, ANA, Karyotyping on both my husband and myself, Factor V Leidon Mutation, LAC, TSH, Protein 5 activity, Protein c activity, mthfr, prothrombin (factor 2), and antithrombin 3. Everything is in except the karyotyping results, which should be back at any time. My doc won't go over the results until everything is in so I am going crazy with the wait! I should start af this Friday so time is super important.

I wish you all the best and hope that your next pregnancy (and mine) is sticky!

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This website might be helpful in explaining all of these tests and possible treatments.


Again, I wish you luck.
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I had all the tests done and came back positive for one copy of factor II -prothombin mutation.  It is hereditary and my mother has it.

I conceived again this year after 3 m/c in 2006....all is well so far and I'm being treated with baby aspirin and will begin lovenox injections this week or next week.
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after my second m/c in feb 07 my doc ordered  lupus anticoagulant, anticardiolipin, protein s and c, factor v leiden mutation, ana, prothrombintime, antithrombin III, these tests were to rule out a clotting problem (my understnding anyway) he also ordered chromosome . my dh has had a semen anaylisis and chromosome as well.  so far all test for us are normal just waiting now for husbands chromo. hope this helps  and that you also have good results with your labs.
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I had a lot of tests. The one that came back positive for me was Antiphospholipid Antibody. This causes clotting. I also have a luteal phase defect, which causes m/c due to low progesterone. I have had 2 successful pregnancies by being treated with progesterone suppositories up to 12 weeks, and baby asprin through the whole pregnancy.
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