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Found Heartbeat, behind in development 1 week

This is my first time on this site. After reading so many stories, it has given me a little bit more hope in my situation and question.  I am 28, married 1.5 years and been trying to conceive for 1 year. I ws Dx w/ PCOS a year ago and started seeing an RE doctor two months ago.  On my 1st treatment cycle with Clomid, Metforim and timed intercourse we got prg't. I ovulated on Oct. 10th and took a HCG shot (ovidrel). My husband and I were shocked, excited and scared all at once. I have been getting HCG levels taken every 2-3 days for a few weeks now and should be 7wk pregnant today. My HCG levels started off normal, 1st day of MP- 80mL then went to 257, 1554, 2925 and the last two blood draws it has only risen 600-800mL every 48-72 hourss.  The RE office today us to expect a M/C d/t the HCG levels, although I would still go in for an U/S with the doctor.  Yesterday we went in expecting to see no HB. The doctor explained before hand that my levels only in the 5000 range and it didnt expect to see a HB.  The U/S revealed a strong HB of 135. The next thing he told us if that the embryo size is underdeveloped by 3 days and the sac by 1 week.  It said this is not good and even though we found a HB, that there is only a single digit % chance that this pregnancy will go on.  He also told us that if it did, by miracle, go on, that we should consider an amino because of much higher risks of  genetic problems.  Has anyone had this experience and if so, what was there outcome, both good and bad?  My husband and I feel like this is a double edged sword and are heart broken...
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Addition to my question above...

I also meant to add  that I have had no bleeding, cramps, etc. I have had pregnancy symptoms (consipation, headaches, skin breakout, sore and growing breasts, etc) other than NO nausea.  I feel fine, other than my emotions.  Any advise is helpful

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I am not an expert, but you have a baby with a heartbeat...I've seen many posts where measurments were off -- could just be the way the tech or doc did it.  And, it is so early in your pregnancy to be so definitive, especially with a strong hb.  

As long as you are having no symptoms of m/c, I would continue to be monitored (HCG levels and U/S) until something is definitive -- either way.

Doctors can be wrong, HCG levels don't always double in the "normal" time, US can be inaccurate especially in the early weeks.  

That being said, remember there is always a risk of m/c in any pregnancy and I imagine a specialist sees it more than a reg. ob, so perhaps they are a bit more skeptical.

Stay positive, pray and continue to monitor your progression.  I wish you the best!
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definitely stay positive until there's a reason not to. my HCG levels doubled in the beginning then only doubled every 6 days, yet things worked out.
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Sounds like good news to me.  Please keep us posted.  Prayers to you for a healthy nine months and a perfect baby.

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I wouldn't worry about the measurements at this time...it's common this early to be off a bit....with a strong and healthy hb....I'm so happy for you

My DD was supposedly measuring small late in my pregnancy...at 34 weeks or something like that...well I had a 8.2lb baby...not small to me...my privates didn't think she was small either...LOL

Anyway...don't worry about it....be glad you saw the hb....what a trooper you have in there..

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The measurements do not matter. They are barely off.

My last baby I had a sono at 9 weeks. The baby measured a week behind and the sac measured several weeks behind. I was also told I would prob miscarry. I never had hcg's drawn so I don't know how they were going up.

I went on and carried a healthy baby girl. No problems at all.

I wouldn't worry yet. I swear they like to scare us for no reason sometimes. I worried myself sick for no reason.
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