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Getting thru to my 3 year old daughter

I really need advice from other moms.My daughter just turned three and wont listen to hardly anything I tell her. Ive tried all sorts of punishments,  grounding her from her favorite toys,time out, sitting her down and talking to her..Nothing is getting thru,she wont talk as in her vocabulary is that of a 1 year old.  She wont potty train,and she wont even sleep in her bed.  She will fight me tooth and nail lay in her bed,but wont fall asleep in it Ive tried reading to her, sitting with her till she falls asleep to which she will fight to stay awake and then when I walk out of the room she gets up and plays or gets out of her bed and curls up on the floor. Im at a loss,I really dont know what to do.Ive worked with her in so many ways and she just fights me. I feel like such a bad mom, most 3 year olds are talking in full sentences, potty trained mostly or completley and will sleep thru the night.  Its all i can do to get my daughter to tell me what she wants or needs.  What can I do?
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Has she had  an assessment by a speech therapist and an occupational therapist?
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No, Im making an appointment with her doctor this week though to see where he things i should go with this.  He has been her doctor since she was one, so he knows her history.
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I wonder if you might want to consider changing to a more pro-active doctor.  She's 3,  he's seen  for two years and her speech is significantly delayed,  now and she's not progressing with potty trained yet.  Your doctor should have raised concerns long before this,  in my opinion.

I'm glad you're going in to an appointment,  and maybe finally you'll get a referral for answers and solutions to her delays.

Best wishes.

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Just an update for anyone who followed, her doctor thinks that she has asbergers and we are going to begin testing soon. I'm really hoping to get some answers.
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