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Has anyone ever used a natural non prescription progesterone creme when ttc. I m/c 10-23 and since only my first m/c.The Dr. wont even see me till I get preg again and then will see me at 8 weeks only. I was wondering if it would help maintain a early preg if I have low progestrone levels?(which I suspect very highly but Dr. doesnt take m/c seriously for first m/c)Is there any risks or side effects? If I get pregnant, I dont want to wait till I am 8 weeks to do some preventive measures.If anyone has done this, how long did you use creme, just till 12 weeks preg?  Thanks for any information anyone has.
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Hi.  Haven't done progesterone supplementation but my doctor told me if it is needed it is best to do it BEFORE you get pregnant.  Apparently once the pregnancy is established (corpus luteum which produces the progesterone) the progesterone supplements don't affect it.  It is needed to help create a good, healthy CL cyst but after it doesn't really impact.

I also asked my doctor about needing progesterone after MC (how do you know if it MC b/c of lack of prog. or if prog. dropped b/c the pregnancy wasn't continuing) and was told that if you have fairly normal, regular cycles than you are most likely not progesterone deficient.  Progesterone deficiency causes shorter luteal phases...if cycles are "normal/regular" than it is more likely that the MC was caused by a chromosomal abnormality.

How or why do you think you are deficient in progesterone?

Anyone else with insight?

Hope you're doing well.  Take care.
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I was wondering the same thing about progesterone cream. I was low in progesterone last preg which turned out to be a blighted ovum, and my Dr put me prog suppositories at the time. My CL was
very large though, and I have regular periods. But I did read that the prog cream helps infertility.
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Im a bit confused...I thought progesterone cream was for women who have delayed menstrual cyles to help bring a period down. I had used it after being diagnosed w/polycystic ovaries...How does it help after a m/c...I just had one and this amazed me just now...Thanx
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If you're interested in self medicating with progesterone cream, a great resource is:
"What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause", by John R. Lee, M.D.

I haven't used it yet, but I'm considering using it for my next pg.  Dr. Lee has very specific quidelines for which kind to buy and how to use it. So, if you're planning to use it be sure to read his book prior to buying and using.
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I hear your frustration.  I'm certainly not a doctor, but do your own research on these two things.  I had one ectopic, on m/c, and another m/c possible chemical pregnancy.  I have always been very concerned with my uterine lining and the thickness of it before I got preg.  One month, I did take Prolief and got preg. that month.  Not sure if it was that that did it, but i did.  Unfortunately, i m/c that one.  Prolief is a natural progestrone creme you put on your arms, feet, abdomen, 2x daily.  I took it from the day after I ovulated, and stopped a day before my af was expected.  I didn't want to continue to take prolief if AF was coming b/c I didn't want to delay it.  however, once i got preg. I immediately began taking it along with prog. supplements.  The other thing I have been taking is Vitamin E(d-alpha).  I have read that it helps with infertility and helps regulate the cycle and thicken the uterine lining.  If you have had a m/c before, I would suggest going to a doctor before 8wks, so they can monitor your hcg and prog. levels to help you move foward in pregnancy.  I'm not a doctor, so please do you your research on these things.  Let me know if you find similar answers :_)))  good luck
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