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HCG Question - please help

I have a family member who's LMP was on 9/28.  On 11/9 her HCG was 8441 (Progesterone 14.4) then on 11/13 HCG down to 8190 (Progesterone 11.0) they put her on Progesterone at this time and yesterday HCG was 8764 (Progesterone 15.8) (the baby also had a heartbeat yesterday during a transvaginal u/s)- Her numbers went up but are not doubling - she is spotting but the baby has a heartbeat.  I am sooooo confused.  I thought I knew all about this HCG stuff.  My doctor was wonderful - her doctor is an idiot and is not returning calls.  It is the office staff who give her the numbers.  

Does anyone know what this can mean?
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once the hb is visible, hcg numbers aren't reliable. that's why my ob stops doing blood draws once we see the hb. So, so far she's doing well :)
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Thanks I am just so confused why the numbers jumped?  This would not mean anything was wrong with the baby would it?
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