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HCG levels for triplets?

My wife and i have had two miscarriages.  we are now pregnant with triplets.  they did a transvaginal u/s yesterday and saw three beating hearts, ranging from 111 beats/min to 86 beats/min.  she was 5w6d at the time, so we were very surprised to see any heartbeat at all.  her hcg test two days before that was at 29,000, and today another came back at 29,900 (so like three days after the 1st test).  we were giddy yesterday, because all 3 yolk sacs were developed and looked healthy, and the lady told us all 3 heartbeats were in a normal range.  now with the hcg results today, only up 900, we're confused again, but doing research online i see people saying that it can vary.  the on call nurse we talked to tonight told us that hcg levels for multiples has basically no reliable data.  my question is if anyone knows anything about triplets, their hcg levels, and also the strength of the heartbeats at such a tiny stage.  i appreciate any feedback you may have...its just such a rollercoaster.
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I dont know anything about triplets...but I just wanted to congratulate you both!!  You are very fortunate.  Good luck and God Bless the 5 of you.
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I don't know about hcg with multiples. I know with singles it has to double in 48 hrs and that with multiples it is usually very high right off the bat. As to doubling, ?? don't know. What did they say about that percent increase?  

Heartrate too that early is tricky. They are just starting to beat and they increase for a couple weeks then go down slowly after 20 wks to end up around 140 at birth. One website correlates heart rate with size of gestational sac, and size of embryo, if you know that.

I am sure they're going to follow you very closely so you;ll have lots of info!  Congratulations!!!!
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I don't know about triplets hcg but I know once heartbeats are seen/heard its less for you to have a m/c.Congrats,on your lil angels.take care ..nanis
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COngratulations to you and your wife!!!  I am soooo jealous and would love to have triplets... I wish I could help you with the hCG levels, but I don't know about them for triplets either....but can I ask, what type of fertility meds were you on???   Good Luck and keep us posted!!!  We would love to hear about your journey with your new family!!!
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there is a certain number where the HCG stops doubling - you can go to  awebsite and find

as far as numbers for triplets.  SOme REs swear multiples have higher hcg numbers - but I have seen several websites that say tehre is no correlation
best of luck
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We were actually not on any fertility drugs.  My wife has been extremely fertile, the problem we have had is carrying the babies.  We are still in limbo, and think there is something up.  we will be having another hcg test tomorrow and an appt. on wednesday to follow up.  every day is another rollercoaster.  i just want to get out of the first trimester.  both our other miscarriages happened about 7 weeks, so its scary.
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The doctor told me that as long as it was going up, and they also told me that it takes 48-72 hours to rise to doubling!  I am not sure though. Your levels are higher then mine were at that stage
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just wanted to let you know, anyone who is still reading, that we had another hcg test come back, and it was 63,000, so it looks like we are on the right track!  they are now transferring us to the high risk OB people, and we're having some kind of super duper ultrasound on monday, where they can get 3D pics and everything.  thanks for all of your support.  it really means more than i can say to come on here and read comments from you all.
the level of hcg of my wife is 46,441 (27days). We have another blood test tomorrow. I'm very worry. I hope the positive result for us tomorrow. I'm praying
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