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HCG levels not doubleing

I found out i was pregnant monday 14June2010 and i had a little cramping nothing bad but went to the doctor... I have been including this pregnancy pregnant 5 times 1.) normal miscarriage 2.) Beautiful 6 year old daughter 3.) normal miscarriage 4.) ectopic 5.) hopefully works out.... I went to the doc on wednesday levels where 90 which is 3 x higher then they where with my ectopic... Went back friday levels only rose 10 to make it to 100... by the time of the second test it was done on  the day my period was supposed to start is this just EARLIE levels? While i still have some hope my doctor doesnt... Im trying to not get stressed out even tho my husband just deployed 11 days ago and we live in GERMANY i dont knwo what to expect or even hope for i dont want to get all excited well more then i already am we have been trying for 2 years to have a baby... My pregnancy symptoms are getting 10x worse is that i a sign of my levels rising? and has anyone had something like this happen to them and go on to have a good healthy baby? Im scared living in Germany with not much support and hubby gone.. I just need some helpful advice
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have you had your progesterone checked.. sorry but such a slow rise is not a good sign...
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Rates during early pregnancy should double every 48 hours. However, pregnancy symtoms are good. I will keep you in my prayers.  
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