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HELP! anyone seen this?

My 8 year old sons eyes are VERY swollen and the whites of his eyes are like jello! Thats the best way to describe it. The whites are all puffy and clear and jellowy!
Is it like an allergic reaction to something? Or has anyone seen this or heard of it? HELP!!
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Sounds like viral conjunctivits.  
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Thanks, Rock Rose, but I don't think that is it. I have had kids with pink eye and this is nothing like it. I googled viral conjunctivitis specifically and it doesn't sound like it matches his symptoms. I am thinking now its an allergic reaction to a dog he played with today?
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i would take him to the er to be on the safe side, i had an allergic reaction to a cat once and my eyes were very red/swollen almost swollen shut it got so bad, and the whites of my eyes swollen as well. i had to get a shot and stay over night. so i would take him to the doc. hope he gets better soon.
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how is he today????
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Well it wasnt pink eye, according to the doctor. Just an allergic reaction to the dog he played with yesterday.
This morning when I woke him up for school, his eyes were still HUGE and swollen underneath them. The "jellow" is gone, but still very swollen. He stayed home from school. I have been giving him Benedryl and that has helped.
Thanks for asking! :)
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My eyes get like this when I am around dogs that shed and cats. Sounds like allergies but it looks like you already know that! Sorry-lol!
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Thanks Greta, I still like to hear that someone else had it and thats all it was. It was FREAKY!!! Like clear jello IN his eyes!!
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Lucky me I am battling pink eye right now and praying that Avery doesn't get it!!

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