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Had to take Ashtyn to the ER

I spent from midnight to 5 am in the ER last night. Ashtyn started wheezing and coughing really hoarse. He sounded like a barking seal when he would cough. They did a breathing treatment while we waited for the RSV test to come back. (he is getting the RSV vaccine) After the test came back negative we had to do another breathing treatment. They finally sent us home with a nebulizer and I have to give him a breathing treatment every 4 hours until we can get into the ped on monday!!! If its not one thing its another with this kid!!!!
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Poor baby, hope he feels better soon; I also hope you get some sleep tonight! My thoughts are with you!
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Poor you and little Ashtyn.  I hope he's feeling better soon.  Hugs and prayers.
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aww poor little baby...i hope all goes well with him....keep us posted..did they happen to mention what it could be??? maybe croupe? if thats the kind of cough? who knows let us know when you see the ped though...again poor lil guy....best of luck...
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He is doing a lot better, we took him to the ped yesterday and she allowed us to start cereal, so it was a good day:)
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Don't worry, my son was on nebulizer breathing treatments from the time he was 2½ months to 13 months old almost daily. He had the same breathing symptoms you describe Ashtyn as having, and boy, let me tell you what, the first time I heard him wheeze, cough, gag and choke because he could barely breathe, I freaked! It was in the middle of the night one night, and my mom and I stayed up with him all night, holding him upright so he could cough and have clear airways until I took him to the doctor first thing the next morning.
Anyway, I found out by the time he was 10 months old that his breathing issues were mostly caused by a milk allergy from his formula. I switched him to soy formula for 2 months (10-12 months old), and then to Lactaid whole milk. I had him weaned off the neb. by 13 months, to where the last three months he didn't need daily treatments, but more like once or twice a week, then to only a couple times a month. He improved immensely once I got him off the regular formula (he also had chronic ear infections, eczema, and was ALWAYS throwing up). You might want to look into food allergies if Ashtyn's breathing problems persist.
Hope things continue to get better for you!
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Thats deft really scary.  Blake's on a nebulizer as well every four hours.  What medication is he using?  We are using Xopenex, I prefer this medication over abuterol, it doesnt make the heart race.  That's great he's doing a lot better today.  Do they still have him at every four hours?  Is he sick?  Hopefully it will go down to twice a day, and every fours hours as needed.  best of luck
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Xopenex makes my heart race worse than albuterol.   I guess its different for everyone.
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Aw, it's scary, sorry to hear you had to take him in, hope he's doing better.  Good to hear it's not RSV though.  Cam got that at 10 weeks and we had to go to the hospital for tests and to be monitored for awhile.  A barking cough sounds more like croup than RSV though, RSV is more of a gagging cough, at least from what we've experienced.  Nebbing is pretty common, just be sure to keep up on it till he's doing better, we neb alot, Cam actually falls asleep from the noise, Cars used to get really hyper from it.  I hope you get a clear bill at the Dr. and maybe some more sleep.  Hang in there.
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They had him on Xopenex in the hospital and switched him to albuterol when we went home. He no longer has to do the btreathing treatments, but the coughing has come back, so I might have to do one today!! I feel so bad for the little guy!
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That happened to my 4th child when he was maybe 6 months old!  It is scary and one feels so sorry for them when they are that little.  He was so cute though, falling asleep during a breathing treatment and just got so used to doing it since we did it for at least a good month:)  I hope your baby is on the mend and doing better by now.  Good luck to you and take care...
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