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Hcg level decreasing no heart beat but sac size increasing

My last period was 4th Jan and I took ovulation test it was positive on 19th and 20th Jan then on 2nd feb it came positive in home pregnancy test kit. So I went to dr on 6th feb for blood test my hcg was 214 so my family dr scheduled my ultrasound on 21st feb there they said I am 5 week 3days pregnant but they couldn't find the heart beat. But on 21st I started taking prega vit pre natals for 8days and I got allergic reactions. So dr asked me to stop taking it and continue with folic acid. From the first day of my pregnancy my hemoglobin was little low it was 118/120-160. So on 3rd march dr advised me another blood test. My hcg on 4th march was 31991. But on 10th march I spotted light brown mucus twice when I wiped tissue paper. Then I immediately call my dr she referred me an urgent ultrasound. There technican told me she was not able to find heart beat and pregnancy because dr was not available that time so I was not satisfied with her words. I went to the emergency and they did the blood test and find out my hcg was decreased from 31991 to 31287 and the dr said I miscarriaged. And ask me to come on 13th march for final process. But I didnt have any pain or cramps no bleeding but still I got a little brownish mucus yesterday night. So today I went to gynaecologist they did my blood work and ultrasound. I convinced myself that its over. But here the surprise came when went to meet gynaecologist for the final report he said my hcg is decreased from 31287 to 24000 still no heart beat but sac was grown from last 3days its kind of confusing so I have to go for another ultrasound next week on 20th march. Now they said decreased hcg and no heart beat is not the confirmation of miscarriage so they want another test. In my 10th macrh ultrasound report says the embryo is 4.1mm but measures less then 6 week size and the sac is 17.7mm equal to 6week 5days.
I have no idea whats going on everything is so confusing just waiting for next week ultrasound.
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