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I have been having a severe headache in the past few days. They are so bad they affect my sleep and functioning. They are also causing nausea. I take Tylenol and it barely takes the edge off. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with pregnancy and did you find anything that helped? I am drinking plenty of water and haven't changed anything in my diet recently. I am just frustrated with how bad my head hurts. Any advice? I am 8 wks, 3 days. Thanks.
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Just to add also, I am feeling very dizzy. Don't know if that is related or not. I did call OB nurse and she said she was not concerned because it is a common complaint, just make sure I'm getting enough sleep and enough water. But good LORD!! My head hurts!
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i am in the same boat, i would normally take about 4 Aleve for a headache, Tylenol doesnt even touch it!

i try to sleep through them as much as possible.

try calling the doctor back to see if there is anything else they can give you.
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I had terrible headaches, too. I believe they peaked at around 16 to 18 weeks, and my doctor told me they would diminish by 20 weeks...which they did.

The hormonal changes in your body could be what's causing them (as well as sleep and lack of water).

If they persist or get worse, you should see if your dr can call you something in. ES Tylenol is all I took, and I would just lay down with a cool, wet cloth over my eyes.
Peppermint oil is supposed to help with headaches, too.  So maybe you could get some peppermint oil and put a few drops in some hot water and breathe the vapor.

I bought some "headache" cream from Bath and Body Works a while ago, that you rub on your temples and neck, and it helped with headaches a little. Especially if you have someone else massage it in! :-)

Good luck to you, I feel your pain!
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Oh...and the dizziness is completely normal. That was one of the first signs I had that I was pg. That and tons of gas! LOL

It would come and go throughout the first few months...
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Thank you. I will try the peppermint oil and maybe get that massage stuff. There has got to be something that can help even a little bit. I will try these. I have just never been one to get headaches so this is new to me. OUCH!
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If Bath & Body doesn't carry it any more, just find to find some Peppermint lotion of some sort. Or maybe try Ebay. I got the cream over a year ago, and you know how they change their merchandise all the time! :-)

Good luck!
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When I was preg with my daughter, I had a horrible headache for a week. Tylonel would not help at all. The doctor called me in a prescription for Tylonel with Codene and that didn't even help. They told me that I had some sort of virus and just had to stick through it. It was really tough cause it hurt like a migraine! Good luck to you!
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OMG!! ME too! I wanna cry cuz my head hurts sooo bad and like you I have the nauseaw/o vomitting. Its like a BAD hangover(lol). I told my mom I'd feel so much better with these symptoms if I had been out drinking all night(cuz at least I'd know why). You're right tylenol isn't helpin I even got the rapid release formula and nothing. I'm gonna try the peppermint oil thing too(if I can get to the store).
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hey, just thought i'd add something.
there is a period of time during pregnancy that your blood vessels start to expand and you creat more blood to feed your new little bundle.
with my second child i had these horrible headaches during this time frame, nothing seemed to help.

however i did learn a cool trick.  if you put an ice pack on the back of your neck for 20 minute intervals it seems to help tramendously!!

good luck and don't worry soon those headaches will be replaced by an over active bloody bugar making machine called your nose ;o)  
enjoy the joys of pregnancy it will be over before you know it.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was going to ask the SAME ? today.I have been having terrible headaches for the past wk! All I do is lay down cover my head & drink tylenal.I swear I remember having them with my other preg. But not this BAD!! I also called my DR. she said it was normal for my stage 9 1/2 wk.That the baby is growing from Sac to placenta or something like that & hormones regulating.WTF? So know I just take it easy & REST,REST,REST.Another thing to my list =) But well worth it.Hope we all feel better SOON!!
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I'm sorry ANYBODY has to go through this if it's like what I'm going through. I'm not normally one to complain and I'm so happy about being pregnant after miscarriage, but when your head hurts so bad it's hard to be positive. I am happy though, that I am not alone! It's always reassuring to know that what I'm experiencing is considered normal even though it doesn't feel normal. I hope this goes away soon though! I think I just need some good sleep. I haven't been getting the best lately. Good luck all!
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i had/have them bad too. my dr said that i wasnt getting enough water. he suggested 1gal. a day. and i started to pay att. to what he said and if i dont drink tons a day(water that is) i get bad headachs. to where it hurts to open my eyes.
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The water thing could be a factor, but I get sick after drinking it so I've been drinking fruit juice. I'm caught between a rock and a hard place(lol)
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I have been having headaches and vomiting from week 11 to week 13.  I don't know what part of the country you are in, but if you're smack dab somewhere in the middle like me you know that we have been having blizzards.  The stress associated with the blizzards definitely made the situation worse.  My family has a history of migraines.  It sounds like that might be what you are going through too.  I think that as pregnant women the only thing we can take is Tylenol.  I am glad you are drinking lots of water, so that baby is not affected by all the Tylenol.
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My headaches with my 2nd child, now 9 yrs, got so intense the doctor started prescribing me Tylenol 3 and 4 during my 2nd and 3rd trimester.  It helped then.  This time, now 7w 3-4d, my headaches are at least mostly relieved with Tylenol (Extra Strength, 2-3 a time).  Till you talk to your doctor don't take anything else.
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I have also been getting HORRIBLE headaches lately... I dont want to take medicine for it, so have been using warm compresses on my forehead and at the nape of my neck and that really helps.
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