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I am 9 weeks pregnant and have had progesterone supplements for almost 4 weeks now. We went in @7 weeks and saw a strong heartbeat.Last week I came down with a terrible sinus infection and have had very loose bowels along with it. I have not lost any symptoms other than constipation but am concerned. I had a miscarriage almost 3 years ago and I heard that when you are about to miscarry your bowels become loose (called cleaning out). I am terrified this is happening and that the progesterone is only prolonging the inevitable. We go for another u/s in 2 days but this is killing me. Any advice?
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I have suffered 4 losses and never had loose stools with any of them, before, after or during the actual process. So I don't know about that being a "sign" of a pending m/c.

I know the books will also say that happens when you are about to deliver, but there again I never had that and neither has anyone in my group of family and friends who have had babies recently enough to remember that kind of thing. It really just depends I guess, you are more likely to see it when you are about to deliver full term than with a m/c.

If you are still freaked out, see if they will bump up the u/s. Chances are, the sinus infection is what brought on the loose stools. Swallowing a lot of mucus and post nasal drip not only make you nauseated, but it does make its way through your system and can cause loose stools. Add to that any antibiotics and you have your answer as to why you are dealing with the bowel issues right there.

Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, the chances of suffering a m/c drop dramatically after seeing the heartbeat.

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Thank you for responding. I am sorry for your losses. Having suffered one myself I know the devestation it brings.
This pregnancy was so not planned. After being married for 9 years and one m/c we had pretty much accepted the fact that it wasn't in God's plan for us to have a little one. I got on with a successful carreer in the restaurant business. And now.... our hopes are back up. I'm not sure what I will do if we lose this one.

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I have never had a miscarriage but all 3 of my pregnancies I had loose stool in the beginning and in the end.
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