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Heart Murmur

About 3 weeks ago we took our son, who will be 5 in December, to have an echo because his doc heard a heart murmur. They did the echo and the results came back stating 'possible defect to his atrium'. He was scheduled an appt yesterday to see the cardioligist. The doc said that the hole was significant in size and shaped like a moon instead of round and that he wants us back in 5 months for another echo and that if the hole hasn't closed any on its own they will have to close it.. What is the method of closing it?? I believe surgery, but I want to know the detail so I won't drive myself insane for the next 5 months.. This little boy is my life and I want to be prepared for what might come.. I'd also like to know of any things I can do to possibly help with the closing of it as in foOds and such. Also if there is any other possible way of closing it without surgery (if surgery is needed) please let me know.. I'd like all the details of the procedure/defect/cures that you can think of, or know of.. Thank you so much..

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I would post this same question on the heart forum.
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Hi ya...My 10 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with v.s.d at birth,a fairly sizable hole in between her ventricles.The dr's at the cleveland clinic were going to use the patch method,which is pretty much stiching a patch over the hole.I was assured that that was the safest and easiest option.Thankfully,the hole closed up by itself,so we didn't need the surgery,and the dr's had said that happens alot:that they close up by themselves.Please bear in mind that this was 10 yrs ago,so perhaps there are better methods out there now.Good luck,and sending happy thoughts your way,
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Thank you so much Laura!! I have worried myself sick within the last 2 days over what could be.. There is such an amazing bond between a parent and their child that it kills you to think of anything hurting them.. His defect was called 'asd' 'atrial septum defect'.. I am still unsure of something though, our doc told us the holes usually close during the first 5 years of life.. But I keep hearing and reading from other sources that they are usually found within the ages of 2-4 and close on their own time.. Also, that murmurs can come and go over time as well.. Is this true?? From what the doc said, if his hasnt closed by the new year he wants to do surgery.. Is it possible it could close as he grows up??
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I totally understand what your feeling...My daughters was found at her first peds visit...1 day i had a healthy baby,the next i'm faced with possible surgery.I was using a search engine,and from what i can find they all seem to want to do the sugery by age 5.If your feeling umcomfortable about the dr.'s opinion,maybe you can get a second opinion,if only to ease your mind.As to wether they can close in adulthood,I haven't been able to find anything on the web about it,but i'll keep google-ing it.I'm sorry i haven't been much help,but want you to know i'm praying for a super positive outcome for your son !!
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