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Hi everyone.  I went for my 14-15 week appontment yesterday.  Oh boy did I get scared, it took forever for the Doctor to find the heartbeat...she finally found it pretty low almost by my underwear.  Has this happened to anyone?  Can this be something bad.  She said once she found it, it was fast and the baby seemed to be moving.
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I went at 12 weeks and they couldnt find the heartbeat at all...so my Dr did an u/s to make sure every thing was fine.  And it was.  He said theres a 50/50 chance of hearing it with the doppler that early.  Up until recently (Im 33 weeks) has my Dr not had to search for the heartbeat.  Hes always moving so much that the Dr cant find the heartbeat and most of the time he finds it around my underwear line.  Since the heartbeat was good I think everythings fine....the baby is just moving around and you may not be able to feel these movements yet but thats why the heartbeat is hard to find.
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Thank you cugirl...underwear line, mean real low by the tyop of the pubis???

That's were she found mine

Please let me know

Thank you again for your response
God bless you
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Mine didn't look till 16 weeks, she told me at 12 weeks it's still hard to find them.  I did have a Dr. search though when I took my husband in for an appt.  They though it would be cool if we got to hear it at 10 weeks, but warned it was very difficult.  They checked that low too, but couldn't find it.  I wouldn't worry, your little one bounces all over.  My son sat low the whole pregnancy with him too.  He was always way down there too.  Congrats!
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At my 21 week appontment we heard the heart beat for a total of 10 seconds.  The baby would not stop moving around.  At my 25 week appointment the doctor tried on the wrong side to hear the heart beat.  Sure, I was scared for a second but then he moved to the other side and we heard her.  

Babies move around a lot.  As long as you did hear it (and you are only at 12 weeks, mine wouldn't try before 16) and it was strong there is nothing to worry about.
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I went in at ten weeks to hear the heartbeat and the doctor couldn't find it.  Two weeks later I went back to try again and she still had to search almost five minutes.  I was starting to freak out when she found it up a lot higher than she expected, and everything was fine, she said she usually didn't find them up that high but didn't give me an explanation as to why mine was.  We should all just be happy there was a heartbeat I guess:)
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Yes underwear line...where if they get any lower they might as well do an internal..lol.
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Thank you guys for your comments.  As a matter of fact I ususally feel some fluttering all the way down there, LOL

God bless to all
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